Personalised and interactive videos are back in-house!

Personalised and interactive video are back in-house at Creativa as they have acquired Attento.


The Creativa family just got a whole lot closer!


Creativa has completely acquired the video personalisation platform Attento. Better, faster personalised and interactive videos, are now available.

As many of our clients know, we’ve always been able to offer this service but now, with all the functionality under the one roof, we can ratchet up the quality and interactivity to create truly immersive viewer experiences.

Julie Snagg, the CEO of the Scoleri & Williams group of creative companies, said, “this exciting news brings all this expertise under one roof and means we can offer a rich integrated experience for our customers.”

“Creativa and Attento form part of the Scoleri & Williams group, alongside 7-YM (Software Development) and Ultimerse (Mixed Reality Gaming / Entertainment). The Attento addition will support Creativa in producing powerful content in new mediums beyond live-action and animation videos, by harnessing our software engineering, Virtual and Augmented Reality, 360º, and Personalised and Interactive Videos expertise.”

“As we acquire the Attento brand, we’d like to give a huge thank you to both Damian and Miguel, its founders, who brought the platform to where it is today”.


What are personalised videos?


Personalising videos means putting names, numbers and other custom variables directly into videos. Messages are just for the viewer and no two videos are the same.

Statements, commendations and congratulations.

We’ve rendered hundreds of thousands of personalised videos for everything from financial statements to certificates of achievement. Ask us how your messaging could be personalised.


What are interactive videos?


Choose your adventure!

Demonstrate rather than dictate with an engaging, interactive video where viewers learn through action and master their own destiny. Branching scenarios, microlearning and gamification – get your message across with active, immersive communication.


Thank you Attento!



As we say farewell to the Attento brand, we’d like to give a huge thank you to both Damian and Miguel, its founders, who brought the platform to where it is today.

Want to know how personalised videos can work for you? Contact our executive producer, David Heinrich or general manager Steven Moore, or simply drop in for a tour of the technology.





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