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If you are a regular reader of our blog you probably know by now that at Creativa we love innovation, and this love is not limited solely to our own innovations but those of others as well.
It’s in that spirit that I’d like to introduce our readership to a cool new marketing product we’ve recently discovered which should excite you as much as it did us – Digital Key: The Ultimate Marketing Tool.

digital key imageWhat is it?

It’s a unique way of bridging physical media (in this case a printed USB web key device) with the digital world. When the key is plugged into a computer it automatically launches a website. The server recognizes the Digital Key webkey’s unique ID and matches this to the appropriate destination URL, redirecting the user to the site, which will load in their browser.
This whole process is virtually invisible to the user and takes place in a matter of seconds. Here are just a few examples from the standard and custom Digital Key range.
standard key     virgin key    paper key

What makes it brilliant?

  • Each key is unique & plug-in activity can be tracked so you know when your client has viewed your content
  • It runs on a cloud based log-in system for instant reports & analytics
  • The print can be personalised with Variable Data
  • Keys can be customized in size and shape
  • It’s lightweight making it ideal for mailings or hand outs
  • Your website landing page can be changed / updated via the cloud CRM
  • It’s a highly engaging format delivering ROI’s as high as 60% in some campaigns
  • A modern, innovative and re-usable product
  • Very cost effective
  • Simple to use

So if you are looking for a great way to engage with your clients in a personalised way with results that are easy to track and measure you should take a look at Digital Key!
Find out more today at:

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