How to Deliver Effective Training with Role Play Videos

November 24, 2014
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Although most companies understand the importance of video and internet technology when it comes to marketing their products and services to consumers, some have yet to capitalize on the improved training opportunities provided by technology. Constant development and the abundance of different methods can make the selection of the right training practices confusing. However, role play videos continue to represent one of the most effective methods for training today.

What are Role Play Videos?

Most role play videos focus on a common scenario involving actors playing the role of different parties in an interaction. The example below is a role play training video we produced for Chemmart Pharmacy, to show how an employee should provide excellent customer service. Role play videos allow companies to use video technology to train their employees more effectively.

Why are Role Play Videos so Useful?

In today’s fast-paced world, employee training is more important than ever before. However, employees often struggle to comprehend procedures and future situations when simply reading them from a training handbook. Role play videos add a sense of reality to the training process and more effectively portray the daily tasks faced by employees. Studies have shown that trainees retain more information when shown role play videos. They are typically much more prepared to handle real interactions and situations when they have seen a similar situation on video beforehand.

The Challenges of Creating an Effective Role Play Video

While role play videos do provide an excellent boost to any companies training procedures, creating an effective one comes with challenges. Quality audio and video systems must be in place so that the final video is clear and free of technical distractions. The actors involved the video must have a complete understanding of the material so that they can effectively play the correct role. The video’s ability to present “real” interactions depends on well-versed acting. Other challenges include the quality of the script, animation, video length and more.

Tips, Ideas and Examples for Role Play Videos

Role play videos can serve as valuable tools in almost any industry to show helpful information to stakeholders. Although most are targeted at a specific type of employee during training, role play videos can also provide information for customers on how to interact with the company’s products and services. This video below portrays the effectiveness of a product by using role play.

There are many different techniques for creating a great role play video, but no role play video can work the way you need it to without good planning, brainstorming and an effective script. In some cases, the use of cartoon or sketch videos may be a great idea. These types of videos are very good at retaining the attention of the intended viewers and can sometimes portray a specific situation more clearly.
Thousands of companies utilize role play videos to train employees to provide better service, improve workplace safety, increase sales and more. There is proven value in the ability to portray real life scenarios through video, regardless of your company’s product or industry.

So if you are looking to update and refresh your current training material, this could be a great option. If you need any help you can always contact us. Happy training!

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