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March 12, 2015
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Communications & Awareness Videos Part 1: Councils & Community

At Creativa we do a lot of promotional, sales, training and marketing videos. These videos are targeted to specific audiences that are appropriate to the business in question and the objectives of these videos are often within the realms of providing a solution to a problem; training and educating staff or customers; or promoting a business, a service or a product.
However we do also work with many clients who do not need to promote or sell, but they do have a very important message to tell and need an effective way to connect with their audience to deliver the message. We call these Communications or Awareness videos and these types of videos are becoming increasingly popular within councils, shires and government organisations.
Producing a communications video is a great way of getting the message across and if the style of video is carefully considered, the key message can really create an impact with viewers and lead them to take action. Communications videos are about really connecting with the audience and to make people feel a part of something, whether it be part of a community; to get involved in a project; or to even consider what actions they can take to help others.
A great example of this is a video series we produced for Kingston City Council. They had a very strong message and needed to connect with their audience and for viewers to understand and acknowledge the serious topic of violence against women, and what we can all do to prevent it. These videos were developed for awareness and educational purposes targeted to members of the community and within the council.

We developed a tag line that was used consistently throughout the video and these 3 simple words ‘Draw the Line’ were used both literally and metaphorically. In this case, creating an emotional connection with the audience was the key objective in delivering the message for Kingston. By speaking to real members of the community, we heard their stories and discussed their ideas, and then featured those people within the videos. This enabled us to send a powerful and real message to engage the audience on an emotional level and for the viewers to connect and identify with the people in the videos.
For communications videos to really hit home, it is important to use characters, situations, or examples that everyday people can relate to. Take a look at how the message was delivered through these Communications videos for Kingston – and let us know what you think?

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