Does this Kettle look like Hitler to you?

May 29, 2013
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In Business and in Marketing there are so many things that can go wrong and it’s often the things you would least expect, as JC Penney found out to their dismay when their new designer kettle drew comparisons to the infamous German dictator.

Of course this is far from the first and probably won’t be the last image or object that inadvertently creates unintended connotations, in fact we have listed a few of our favourites below. So while there is no fool proof method to avoid embarrassing yourself and your brand, it is fair to say that it is incredibly rare for these sorts of misinterpretations to occur when you use Video.

Video puts you in control of the message and allows you to drive or at least influence the follow up actions or activity of viewers. With video you can frame objects from multiple angles, therefore narrowing the possibility that when viewed for long enough, from a certain perspective your product resembles something else. Video is simply a great communication tool and sure there are some pretty bad videos out there (some deliberately bad) LIKE THIS but as long as you are clear about your goals and objectives, a well-planned video should always deliver results.

In the meantime, why not have a laugh at someone else’s expense!

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