Three Great Educational Videos for the Healthcare Sector

November 6, 2014
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Healthcare organisations are using educational videos more and more as an additional medium to empower patients and communities to better understand complicated healthcare topics, terms, diagnoses and treatments. Before we take a look at some examples, let’s look at why educational videos are useful:
Educational videos save time and money: How many times a day does your medical staff need to explain medical terms, procedures and treatments post- (or pre-) medical operation? Educational videos provide the perfect medium to show patients what they need to do, saving your team.
Educational videos build trust and credibility: Educational videos that focus on teaching patients, rather than selling, work well because they show that you are experienced at what you do. In the world of medical practice, this experience builds trust and goes a long way in attracting new patients.
Educational videos help to explain complicated topics: The medical world is full of long words and complicated diagnoses, treatments and prescriptions. Video allows for the breakdown of these complicated terms and the ability to explain them in an easy-to-understand manner.

Monash Health shares tips on how to bathe a baby

Monash Health is a medical centre that employees 14,000 staff and cares for 2.4 million patients each year. As part of an educational series for new parents, Monash Health created a video that shows how to properly bathe a baby.
I like this video because it shares step-by-step advice. If you have never washed a baby before, this two-minute video and will teach you exactly what you need to do to prepare, suggest considerations to keep in mind and show you how to clean a baby correctly.
Video as a medium works well for this educational topic because it shows rather than tells.

Monash Institute of Medical Research shares an overview of treatments for prostate cancer

Monash Institute of Medical Research (MIMR) is an organisation that focuses on biomedical research. The team of 300 scientists has made discoveries in many key research areas including cancer, stem cells, infection and immunity. As part of an educational video series, MIMR created a video that gave a knowledgeable overview of prostate cancer treatments.
The goal of the video was to explain a topic that is difficult to understand. It does a great job of clearly showing you what treatments are available and then explaining why some treatments are preferred over others. By the end of the two-minute video, you know exactly what treatments are available for the disease.
An educational video works well in that scenario for two reasons: it explains a complicated topic and it puts all the information into a format that can be quickly and easily sent to patients for them to view any time they want, as many times as they want, instead of having to call and learn about the available treatments. This saves MIMR doctors’ valuable time and means they can spend more time with other patients.

University of Florida Health answers questions about autopsy (playlist)

UF Health is a healthcare centre with more than 22,000 employees across the University of Florida Health Science Center and UF Health Shands healthcare system. The organisation created a series of six 30-40 second education videos that discuss autopsies.
The educational videos answer common questions that their patients had about autopsies. Instead of just writing a basic FAQ and posting it on their website, they used video of a medical practitioner answering the questions. The video builds credibility for the organisation and demonstrates its commitment to educating patients.
The video series works because it breaks down the topic really well. In six short videos you know exactly what an autopsy is, why you might want one and some considerations. If a patient in the future wants to learn more about autopsies, UF Health can share this video series instead of relying on someone to explain it.

Educational videos work well for the healthcare sector

Have you considered producing an educational video? Contact us to learn how a video can help you educate your patients and community.

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