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July 12, 2012
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In last week’s blog we introduced how marketers and trainers working in corporates and SMEs reach audiences through savvy online training videos. We talked about how effective they are when delivered in creative, cool ways, how they help trainees and clients understand your message. Most importantly we discussed the importance of working out who your audience is before you start creating anything!

So you’ve got your audience down pat? Then it’s time to get creative and start planning your training video. Here are a few pointers to get you thinking about where to go from here:
Keep it Simple
No matter how visually impressive and entertaining your video is, if the content is too long and chunky, you’re going to lose your audience in no time. If you’re working with complex stuff and intricate information, be sure to break it down into digestible segments to keep your audience on side.
Lighten Up
Dealing with heavy or dull topics? Doesn’t mean they need to be delivered in the same way. Keep your scripts and techniques light and accessible—throw in some humour when you can and keep your language basic and easy to digest.
Stay Fresh
Variety and diversity is the spice of training video life! Don’t dwell for too long on a sequence or scene—mix it up with different visual perspectives and action. It’s a good idea to use a wide range of different techniques—voiceovers, graphics, images, animation, etc… Remember too that videos are two-dimensional—you can do so much with both audio and visual. Create supporting imagery to the audio message, and add audio effects to visual messages. Highlight key points with engaging visuals, and add components that take your audience by surprise. Keep it fresh and you’ll lift your audience’s attention while delivering your message effectively.
Structurally Sound
Remember, no matter how entertaining or engaging, the video has to make sense to the audience. Make sure the way you structure your video is sequences logically and linearly. Ultimately, you want to enhance your message and ensure that the information sinks in effortlessly to your audience.
Here are a few cool examples of what works:
Betfair – We use simple screen capture and some green screen magic to keep this slightly dry topic light and engaging.
InfoActiv – by introducing cartoons and kinetics we were able to engage the audience and deliver some important information in this training video for tech recycling.
So there’s a framework to get you started. In the meantime, find out a little more about how to plan your next training video from the crew of professionals at Creativa Web Videos.

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