Eleven Tips for a Successful Internet Marketing Video Campaign By Ed Primeau

January 25, 2012
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I met Ed in 2010 at one of his public presentations in Melbourne where we realise we were both working and talking about the same topics – Online Video Marketing – innovating in the Web Video industry and educating the markets in parallel, us in Australia and Ed in the US. So we stayed in touch and follow each other’s steps collaborating with knowledge and ideas. Here is an article Ed was kind to share with us.

Eleven Tips for a Successful Internet Marketing Video Campaign:

(By Ed Primeau http://www.PrimeauProductions.com)
In the old days, Super Bowl TV commercials were the cat’s pajamas. Big companies spent big bucks to sing their song to a captive audience of football fans.’ You were a rock star if you drank their beer or ate their chips.

As far back as the ‘I Love Lucy’ TV show, TV commercials would guarantee an increase sales especially if they included Hollywood celebrities.

Today, TV commercials are not as effective as they use to be.’ Most companies big and small can no longer afford television campaigns. Consumers are less influenced by these high priced advertisements and more influenced by search engine results.’ That is why Internet marketing campaigns that include training video production are not only affordable but yield much better results for the investment.’ Here are eleven tips to help you achieve a successful Internet marketing video campaign.

  1. Sell with a benefit based message.’ Show your viewers how they will benefit from your proposition instead of telling them its features. How will their lives be better after purchasing your goods or services?
  2. Be creative and try to entertain your audience.’ Chances are if your video leaves a good impression, prospects will turn into customers. The opposite is true.’ If your video is lame, chances are your prospects will go somewhere else.
  3. All videos begin with an idea.’ Be creative; think viral and longevity. Creativity is what makes production companies so successful.’ When you are creative and produce a video that is really good, chances are that people who see it will pass it on, hence the word viral.’ This roller skating babies video is a great example of a successful viral video.


  1. Less is best.’ When you use benefits to sell your goods and services you don’t need a lot of hype.’ Remember you goal is to get the phone to ring or have the prospect contact you not tell them your life story.
  2. Incorporate a background music track.’ There are production music libraries and rights free music libraries available to you.’ You can also create your own music using garage band or another music production based software.’ Music is to video what interior decorating is to a room.
  3. Create a script like the big boys do.’ Write your vision down on paper and see it in your minds eye before you start filming.’ There is something magical that happens when you put pen to paper.
  4. Design graphics to match your brand and website.’ Graphics can be text on the screen to emphasize your message and point; they can be pictures and images purchased from stock photo libraries like I Stock Photo; graphics can also be a blend of both images and pictures.’ Videos do not have to all be moving pictures; they can also include static pictures and images.
  5. Sell the sizzle not the steak.’ Nobody really cares about all the reasons you think they should buy from you.’ They are more interested in the snappy light hearted message you communicate with.’ There will always be time to introduce your prospects to the steak after they are attracted to the sizzle.
  6. Do not use too much stimulus at the same time in your video.’ Remember, the brain can process only one thing at a time.’ Stay away from too many images, scrolling text and voice over combinations.’ Much of your message will not be heard when you include too much information at the same time.’ Plus, the portions that do register in your viewers minds will be less effective when too much is going on at the same time.
  7. Get feedback before you launch your video.’ Ad agencies pay thousands of dollars conducting focus groups to determine which approach will work best when starting an advertising campaign.’ Conduct your own focus group and get feedback from people in your sphere of influence before you launch your video campaign.
  8. Make sure when posting your video you have player controls. When using an auto play feature, make sure to include a skip video button.’ Nothing is worse than having a video automatically play startling your visitor.

So, what is keeping you from producing a video for your Internet marketing campaign?’ Video adds media to the blending of your website content and helps grab the attention of search engines.’ Plus, video has huge perceived value and lends credibility to your business.

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