eSafety For Women: How Video Can Be A Powerful Tool For Government Campaigns

September 21, 2016
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Australians deserve the right to be safe online, yet data obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics says that sadly one in four Australian women has experienced emotional abuse from a current or former partner, and one in six Australian women has experienced violence from a current or former partner.* In most cases, this abuse and violence includes using technology to abuse, control and stalk.**
With this in mind, the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner launched the eSafety for Women campaign in April 2016.
Creativa Videos were proud to be chosen as the video partner to produce a series of seven live-action case study videos featuring women talking about their online domestic violence experiences. The videos will equip Australian women with more information on where to seek help and further information about online domestic violence.
Accompanying these videos are over 30 motion graphic and screen capture videos (also produced by Creativa) which deal with various ways women can protect themselves against online domestic violence through a better understanding of how to turn off various social media and technology features on smartphones and other devices.
You can view some case study videos below:

Domestic violence being a challenging and sensitive topic provided Creativa with another opportunity to demonstrate how we’re able to pull together fantastic resources and talent to deliver an outstanding result. The videos met a specific government communication challenge for a wide and diverse audience while keeping the content feeling personal, relevant and engaging.
Many media and production organisations will tell you that working with government can pose great challenges in collaborating with each other to deliver a great, final product that meets everyone’s expectations.
At Creativa, due to our highly developed processes and our unique place in the market as a business with an ingrained company culture of knowing and understanding our clients’ needs, wants and desires inherently – collaboration and working with government clients while different to our private sector clients is no less challenging, but the rewards it offers in terms of creating compelling communication pieces for communities around Australia are too big to put into words.
Video is an increasingly important tool for governments of all sizes, from local to state and federal as it’s immediately accessible and allows targeting of specific groups of people within a community with a message that’s tailored specifically for them.
It also enables meaningful, tangible and emotive communication to a particular audience so they aren’t just listening to what the government is saying, they feel it too.
We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve contributed to the eSafety for Women campaign. We look forward to the campaign being a measurable success for the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012, Personal Safety, cat. no. 4906.0
**Source: Women’s Legal Service NSW, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria and WESNET (2015) ReCharge: women’s technology safety, legal resources, research and training. National study findings 2015.
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