The Facebook Video Banner Road Test

July 11, 2017
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Have you heard about the new Facebook Video Banner?

Facebook has launched an exciting initiative which allows brands to upload video banners.  According to Facebook, video banners provide a deeper level of engagement and promises to drive a richer experience for audiences.   So, at Creativa, we thought we would road test that notion and see if video banners were really as captivating as Facebook lead us to believe.
Here are 3 examples that we reviewed.

What we liked about this video banner:  Attention seeking, the captivating video filled with lots of beautiful moving images that hold your attention.

What we liked about this video banner:  Loved the simplicity and sound effects of this very simple but engaging video.

What we liked about this video banner:  This video is a not so subtle as the others are regarding sharing what they do, eye-catching and clearly, shows what this company has to offer.  (Need to change the music though)
As you can see, video banners work…. really well.  The moment you land on the page it immediately captures your attention and draws your eyes to the moving images at the top of the page.  But what really surprised us is that we couldn’t stop watching the beautiful imagery rolling, we wanted to wait and see what was coming next.
Whilst the examples clearly have different purposes they collectively demonstrate that having a Facebook video banner provides brands with an amazing new opportunity to engage, connect and potentially capture audiences the very moment they land on your Facebook page.  Because this approach is new, there are few examples of best practice or access to success metrics, but here are some technical things you might find helpful:

  • Video Length – 20-90 Seconds long
  • File Format – MP4
  • Upload videos the same way you currently upload cover photos.
  • Ideal Video size is 820 Pixels x 462 pixels.
  • Once uploaded the video will auto-play and auto-loop
  • Volume can be changed but starts automatically muted.

If Facebook is part of your marketing strategy, then this is a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your brand and share your message with a wider audience.  How you decide what type of video to produce will depend on your brand and the purpose of your video.  You can choose to overlay strong powerful words over a compilation of beautiful imagery like we saw in the Feel Desain example or share your sales pitch using an explainer video like Eddison Wells…. At Creativa, we believe the opportunities are only limited by your imagination but it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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