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July 12, 2013
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As online video experts, we’re often asked about metrics to measure the effectiveness of videos. Let’s face it, as web video it is still an infant industry and everyone is taking baby steps in their approach to video marketing, advertising and branding, the way to measure results remains still, for most people, somewhat elusive. Nevertheless, there are many options, and we are sure that one (or many) of them will work for you.

Digital marketers constantly wonder what is most important – is it the number of views? Minutes watched? Click throughs? We say all of the above, plus many more…
Number of views & estimated minutes watched


When measuring the success of a video, there is one metric that appears to be the obvious indicator of accomplishment – views. This is the easiest but not necessarily the most effective way to calculate ROI, unless you are trying to measure viralability. Views data essentially only tells you one thing – how many times someone has pressed ‘play’ on your video. Unfortunately, this is a pretty non-committed action which can make this a fairly meaningless stat if you are trying to get engagement, communicate a message and drive people to action.
There is, of course, a more in-depth approach to analyzing video data, so let’s run through some options.


The generous act of viewers sharing the video after watching it (or shares) is a good viralability measure, with the added value that it is also an indication of great content and effective engagement.


When your video is an ad, or has a clickable call to action, the amount of clicks it has reflects that the video ads on YouTube and other paid advertising video services are doing pretty well; you can even track final goals and conversions to calculate the exact ROI of the video in a period of time.
CTA impressions, clicks and click through rates


Now entering more technical terrain, referrals from a video is yet another great metric. You can get this data on your Google analytics from your website, where you can see if your video is referring visitors to your website. It may come from a link in the video description, or from comments.
Source, visits, pages & duration


Average view time

Knowing if people actually take the time to watch it all, beginning to end, is another way to measure effectiveness of the video. With YouTube analytics, you can track this easily; are viewers staying until the end of the video or are they losing engagement half way? To find out simply check the Average view time.


Another key report is Viewers’ Engagement, which can be absolute (percentage of viewers dropping at each stage on your video) or relative (acomparison to other videos of similar characteristics). Yes, you can thank YouTube analytics for this valuable piece of information as well.
Viewer Engagement
Viewer Engagement Retention


Yet another way to measure video optimization results is through the Organic positioning of the video in relevant searches both on YouTube and Google. This way, you can get an idea of what share of the views’ market you are actually getting. A good question to ask here is; is my video attracting viewers from the right organic searches?

Organic positioning


And we all want to be popular right? Who doesn’t love to get Likes, comments, favourites – or any recognition of the sorts? Don’t feel guilty; these forms of digital appreciation go well beyond your own vanity – at the end of the day, the more acknowledgements that you get are credit to a great video. These measurements are indicative only in high volume traffic videos.
If you are using the video on your home page, you can also measure changes, such as the time that is spent on your website; changes in the bounce rate; and most importantly, increases in enquiries & sales.
And if you are monetizing your videos the best indicator would be, to know how much you making out of this video. Because after all, who’s counting? We certainly are.

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