Five NEW ways to use video offline to attract new customers

August 15, 2013
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So you have already tried video for your business, and now that you have taken the plunge, there’s no turning back. There is simply no doubt that we, as an audience, pay attention to video. Why? It is far more interesting compared with pure text or pure audio and it can get the message across in a more succinct way.
Now that you have produced your video, the next step is to widen your audience, attract more customers, and ultimately, get more views. It seems that people’s attention spans grow shorter and shorter every day, therefore actually capturing the attention of a potential viewer is proving harder and more competitive than ever before. Add to that, an increased amount of competition – there are certainly plenty of players in the digital space. We’ve talked previously of the different ways that you can engage with your audience once your video is up and running in the online world. But have you stopped to think about how you can engage with the real world?
What many seem to forget is that video has so much reach, that it transcends beyond the borders of online. Yes, there is life after Google and YouTube. So look up from your screen and take hold of that traffic that may be walking by. And I don’t mean that in an abstract way. I’m talking about actual people taking a stroll in a venue, or an office, through a park, at a trade show, or even at a meeting or presentation. By creating an impressive experience that makes you stand out from your competitors you have the ability to grab their attention, differentiate and even enlist some loyal followers to your brand.
Here’s how you do it:
1. Video brochures: get those gatekeepers out of the way
I recently posted about video brochures, (http://www.creativa.test/video-brochures-make-a-statement-with-the-most-powerful-sales-tool-ever/) put simply, they are brochures that contain a video, or multiple videos, inside. Turn the first page, and voila, a video starts playing. They come in all shapes, sizes and forms, and provide a completely different experience to the traditional (somewhat boring) brochure. They are cost effective and a total hit with impressing gatekeepers. A meeting with the decision makers is guaranteed.

2. Innovation, that ever- elusive concept…
Well, it’s not elusive at all here. Imagine a human sized cardboard figure smiling, talking and explaining an idea or a product. Yes, that can be achieved, by combining video and a cut out presenter. That will definitely catch people’s eyes and turn a few heads. Set it up next to your business’ stand at an event, a conference, a retail space – wherever you deem best fit, and you’ll be sure to have the crowds flocking to it.

3. Tradeshow videos – get noticed
We all know that trade shows are one of the best ways to get in front of your customers and prospects: Sell your product, demonstrate your service and increase your customer base whilst promoting your brand – why wouldn’t you? But please take into consideration how vital it is for your company to have a compelling tradeshow video as well. No, not the typical corporate video, a video specially designed and specifically planned for a tradeshow. With a trade show video production you get a powerful tool for drawing attention to your products and services, which doubles as an extremely effective resource for your sales team.
More about Trade Show Videos (http://www.creativa.test/tradeshow-videos-how-to-make-them-stand-out-so-you-stand-out/)
4. Big Scale Projection
Video projection on buildings and large scale objects – how cool is that? Through an exciting new projection technique called video mapping, you can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. To make the projected image fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens, there’s specialized software. The end result is an original installation that transcends ordinary video projection and blows everyone away.

5. Size does not matter
We’ve talked about grand displays of video. But let’s not forget about the small screens, which are just as important. Showing your video on small screens located in taxis or banks, for example, is another great way of getting local people’s attention. You have the potential, with your product or service, to completely change an otherwise somewhat annoying or dreaded experience- such as brightening up the somber mood of hanging out in a waiting room, or making that never-ending taxi ride seem to fly by through providing visual entertainment. That will be sure to make a positive impression.
So there you have it, five ways for your video to interact with real people, in the real world. Creating an impact both offline and online will surely get your video views soaring.

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