The Four Types of Product Videos: Which one is best for your product?

October 16, 2014
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Product videos are a powerful marketing tool because they help customers understand what you do or how you can help. They help explain the features and benefits of often complicated or complex products.
There are several types of product videos that you can use, each has its own set of unique benefits depending on your specific needs, goals and target audience.
Let’s take a look at four popular product video types.

1. Demonstration videos

Demonstration videos show how a product works by highlighting the product features and demonstrating how a customer might use it. These work best for products that are innovative or hard to explain because written instructions are often not sufficient. They are effective because, as humans, we learn more easily when visuals are involved.

Let’s look at a demo video by Oates for their laboratory’s closed loop system product:

This video works well because it shows rather than tells. Oates is able to clearly illustrate the benefits of their product – you can see how the plug stops chemicals from leaking out and how easy it is to transfer liquids to other containers and dispensers. They also use visuals to summarise key business benefits: safety, accuracy, financial and environmental.

2. Screen capture videos

Screen capture videos work best with online products like websites, ecommerce stores, software programs and web apps. They are commonly used by companies that need to show how to do something step by step for the purpose of product walk-throughs, customer training, tutorials and/or how-to videos.
Let’s look at a screen capture video by Sonoa Healthcare that shows how their personalised fertility review works:

This screen capture videos works well for Sonoa Healthcare because it shows step by step how to fill out the fertility review – an otherwise confusing process. Sonoa also uses the video to describe the benefits of their service, which means they can use the video for promotional or marketing purposes.

3. Animation and cartoon videos

Animation and cartoon videos work well with most types of products. I like them because they give you the ability to create a memorable character that is tightly linked to your product and helps the customer distinguish you from your competitors. These types of videos also work well if you don’t have a physical product, so if you only have a prototype or offer a service instead of a product, an animation or cartoon video can be used effectively.
Let’s look at an animation video by Teba , an IT company:

This type of video works well because it addresses some of the challenges that customers face while incorporating humour to keep viewers engaged. Teba competes in the competitive virtual desktop market. Teba has used animation to stand out from the crowd, show how they are different and position their product offering as a solution to their customers’ problems.

4. 3D videos

3D videos are more engaging than traditional videos because they give you more flexibility in communicating your product details. These types of videos are surprisingly more cost effective than traditional videos, as they bypass production costs and delays associated with traditional video. If you don’t have a physical product or you want to skip the production crews and onscreen talent, 3D videos are a good option.

Let’s look at a 3D video for a product called, Grease Gun:

This video well for the Grease Gun because it gives the company the flexibility to clearly explain how their product works. The 3D animation highlights specific details of the product that show why it’s better than the traditional grease trigger pistol system. This level of detail would have been impossible to do with traditional video.

Choose a product type that meets your needs and appeals to your audience

Each product video type is different. Before you engage a video production firm to help you produce a product video, I challenge you to think about why you are doing a product video in the first place. Do you want to show how a product works? Do you want to highlight specific product details? Or do you want to show off your product benefits?

Once you know why you are creating a product video, you can look at which product video type will help you meet your needs and appeal to your audience. Will your audience respond well to a demonstration video or would an animation or cartoon video be better?

These are all questions you need to be asking yourself. If you’re unsure, come talk to us and we can discuss the best way to communicate your message in the most compelling way.

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