Green screen video production: Convenience, with better results

November 7, 2013
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Your companies’ marketing plan has had ‘produce a short company video’ on it for a long time and you’ve even visualised how you want it to look, but when it comes to actually sitting down and working on it, the list of questions, (where, how, when, how much) is daunting and soon enough you’ve put the task to the end of your to do list… again.
Don’t despair. Producing your video in a green screen studio can alleviate many of the barriers between you and your finished video production. With a green screen studio you can achieve virtually any result you can dream up, minus the stress of coordinating, sourcing and travelling to a specific destination, not to mention the high costs associated with a project like this.
By using a green screen studio, the sky is the limit for your video production, so whether you want the video to take place in the jungle, the desert, or an ordinary office, all of this is possible with thanks to some fairly basic special effects.
Whilst shooting your web video on location can look great, driving all over town to the chosen locations and setting up the equipment, props, wardrobe and makeup can be time consuming, expensive, and the end result may not live up to your expectations. That’s why faking it can be a much better option. Green screen technology can help you bridge the gap between reality and illusion.
Whoever is to appear on your company video, is actually filmed in front of a green screen background in our studio, which is then replaced in post- production by the desired setting.

A common example of green screen use is the weather report on the evening news. The weather presenter is recorded delivering the report in a studio, in front of a green screen. The background is then replaced with a weather map in post-production.
So, in case you have not picked up on it yet, using this tool for a corporate video has many benefits and provides some great creative options for use in post-production. Here are a few more reasons to go green:
Time saving
Instead of having a production crew spend hours driving to a location, setting up, adjusting lights and microphones and looking for props or other colorful elements to add to the background, you can get the same result, or better in a green screen studio.
Getting the light just right
Getting the right light is a major issue in video production. When working with a green screen, once the lighting has been adjusted, you are set up for the rest of the shoot. Forget about the ever-changing ambient light.
Once filming is complete, you can add textures, colours, animation and other branding elements to the background of your video. The green screen also allows you to easily modify the video if you rebrand or to add new content to a video if something changes in the future. Obviously a lot more cost effective than re-shooting everything.
With all of this in mind, shooting your corporate video in a green screen studio could be a great option for your businesses next video. If you’re interested in seeing what a real green screen studio looks like, take a virtual tour around ours here.

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