Healthcare meets Digital – A new way to communicate

April 29, 2015
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The industry of Healthcare may be one you wouldn’t necessarily align with having a strong digital or online presence. However in recent years, the Healthcare sector­­­­ has started to understand the benefits of online health video production in communicating important information to staff, patients and the community. Through engaging with online video, businesses within the healthcare sector are finding a convenient way to communicate with their target audience.
Here are three very different examples of how the healthcare industry is embracing the web and producing communication videos:

Emmy Monash came to us with a desire to share their upcoming plans and development for the facility with their close-knit community. To embrace their strong sense of community, we interviewed residents from the home; staff; and family members to share their experiences with the viewers and to express how the new developments will help shape the facility. Family and community were the key factors here – therefore we highlighted not only the physical plans for development but also how the new changes would affect and benefit the residents and their loved ones.

With a large number of people being treated every day, ensuring patients and their families are fully prepared before being admitted to hospital through verbalising and providing written information, a be a challenge. To combat that, we teamed with St Vincent’s Private Hospital to produce 2 communications videos to prepare and inform patients getting ready for their hospital stay. Through interviewing staff members from St Vincent’s throughout the video, the viewer is given a sense of familiarity, trust and reassurance in what can be an anxious and sensitive time.

Delivering information that may be somewhat dull or dry can often lead to eyes glazed over and information only half absorbed. Bendigo Community Health Services wanted to communicate their training and services information for new staff members in a unique and entertaining way, ensuring the information was processed easily and was enjoyable for the audience. We created this Introductory video for new staff members at BCHS to communicate how to get started with their training – which was followed by a series of OH & S induction videos led by the lovable character ‘Bendi.’
So when considering an effective way to communicate your message in the healthcare industry, why not think creatively and engage in the digital space.

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