Healthcare Videos CAN Be Funny! Short & Sweet Advertising To Make You Smile

Ewan Roxburgh
July 27, 2015
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We couldn’t share all of these beautiful, emotional videos with you this month and not show you at least one that will make you laugh! United Healthcare’s “Best Left to the Pros” campaign is a series of videos ranging between 15-30 seconds demonstrating a number of ways that people can get hurt doing daily activities… and therefore why they should get healthcare.
Everyone busts a move and breaks into a kitchen dance performance occasionally…and everyone loves Dirty Dancing (you answered yes to both questions, right?), so check out “Our Song” which has garnered over 3.7 million views (Extended 1 minute version)

Our Song Commercial

And as the videos are all so short, we thought we’d share a few more with you. Enjoy!

Lamp Post Commercial

Video is no longer available online

Skateboard Commercial

Crowd Surfing Commercial

Video is no longer available online

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