How a web video and a dream launched a small business empire

February 12, 2013
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John Cross might not be a household name but the product he invented might soon be, all thanks to a simple web video. John set up his company Recycling Solutionsin 2010 with the simple idea of creating a portable, easy to use, affordable, plastic bottle crusher . Since 2010 John has come a long way, he has won awards, been awarded a small but much needed government grant, outsourced production and he has even managed to lock in distributors around the globe. According to a recent interview with Michelle Hammond, John was quoted as saying How I gained all the contacts was I did a YouTube video. I invented the product and patented it, and sold my house to do it; I did a YouTube video and got emails from all over the world. People loved the product and wanted to distribute it. I’ve got distributors in Israel and South America waiting for the product… [and] I’m getting a lot of interest from the US, and Asia and Europe as well.”
It sounds pretty simple and of course it isn’t there is a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears that goes into developing a product, but there are a growing number of businesses and independent Entrepreneurs who are turning to Web Video as a means to raise awareness and capital. Take these guys for example:
Ultra Tech made this compelling little product demonstration for Ultra Ever Dry, posted it on YouTube, where it was picked up by BuzzFeed and now they are struggling to meet the overwhelming demand.
There are literally thousands of examples online of how Web video is helping businesses find the right market, raise capital, gain awareness, drive traffic and increase sales, mainly because video has become such an accessible medium. In other words, web video is a business tool who’s time has definitely arrived.

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