How Creativa Helped 5 Brands Boost Their Business by Generating More Awareness and Sales

August 9, 2016
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Often at Creativa we come across businesses who are doing wonderful things in their industries. They’re coming up with innovative solutions to existing problems but they need to create more awareness, add value to their business presentations or simply use videos as an educational tool for staff.
The challenges for each of these businesses is different and one type of video doesn’t fit all. That’s where Team Creativa put their heads together to deliver some effective videos that met these briefs.
5 videos. 5 different industries. Challenge accepted.
Biarri Networks
Biarri builds custom optimisation solutions for business needs using complex, mathematics and software to design and deploy fiber networks to homes. They’ve won an award for their work and the company wanted to use this to create opportunities where they could discuss solutions with clients. Offering a very innovative solution in a more traditional market, Biarri constantly faces the problem of the established paradigm, they were searching for a solution that would allow them to present their point of difference in just a couple of minutes.

Solution: Creativa made an explainer video mixing up a range of 3D and 2D animation techniques and a selection of custom made and existing models and  broke down the complexity of the business into easy to understand language. The video is currently used as a promotional tool and helps Biarri introduce their business to new prospects and partners and differentiate itself from competitors.
TIC Group
The client, Solvup works with retailers across Australia providing post purchase services such as managing returns, end of stock items and faulty goods. Being in the background of other business operations, Tic’s mission is to be completely integrated and seamless, almost unnoticed, which brings a challenge when promoting the brand and services. The aim of the video was to come out of hiding and encourage more retail brands to understand and  sign up to their system.

Solution: Creativa approached this from the customer’s perspective and made a video focusing on the key benefits and features of using the service to businesses. Because the company dealt with complex systems, character animations were used in the video; It was different to what the industry was used to, easy to understand and tell a story and adapt across the different areas of the business.
Result: The video received fantastic external and internal feedback and helped to set a precedent for their other product divisions.
Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist 
Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist offers a convenient solution to car owners for repairing scratches and dents on cars. They wanted a video to help them and dealers promote membership benefits on their website.

Solution: Creativa chose to make a live action video for viewers to feel connected and real. The video showed the convenience of being a Schmick member.
Result: The video was so effective it was repurposed into a TV commercial and is used by dealers to promote the service.
Affinity’s one stop HRIS solves the problems of HR being disconnected from payroll and creating inefficiencies between these two business functions. It offers one system that automates functions, removes manual processes and presents the right information to staff in a timely manner.

Solution: With information systems and technology, it’s often difficult to communicate the value to staff in different departments. For this video, Creativa approached it from the end user’s perspective and showed employees struggling with common HR and payroll functions and feeling frustrated they couldn’t talk to each other. Humour, graphics and sound were used as tools to continue the flow of the video so viewers could relate to the experiences.
Result: The viewer understood the value of implementing the system in their own company because it broke down complex information systems into easy to understand language while demonstrating value.
An information repository system sounds a bit dry and complex and RMIT needed a way for its audience/end users to not only understand how the system worked but how it could help them in their daily jobs by making information more accessible and easy to share.

Solution: Creativa decided to break down the concept of how the repository system worked by 1) Using a real person to explain the system 2) Use motion graphics to break down the components of the system into easy to understand parts and 3) Show the benefits of using the system in the user’s work. The video positioned RMIT as a modern institution with solid infrastructure.
Result: Increased adoption of the system by the end users, efficient transmission and sharing of information and better communication among staff in the university.
These are just 5 examples of how Creativa helped clients to communicate and meet their objectives using video. For more examples, check out Creativa’s YouTube channel.

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