Don't scare your patients! How healthcare organisations are putting their patients' experience first – 3 examples

Let’s be honest – no one really likes going to the hospital right? Ensuring patients and their families are fully prepared before being admitted to hospital is so important for Healthcare organisations and this can be a challenge if the information is presented through verbalisation and pages and pages of confusing information.
An effective way for hospitals and healthcare clinics to demonstrate their expertise and to ensure their patients’ experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible (enjoyable may not be the right word here!) is by producing some short but informative videos to communicate to patients’ before they arrive.

Include information about what they can expect from their stay/procedure, how the organisation works and the care that will be given, and to also solve problems and address topics that are commonly asked by patients. This helps to settle the nerves of any new patients and can also give a broader understanding of the hospital or clinic’s process.
By incorporating or interviewing actual staff members in the videos, a level of confidence is built with the viewer and this gives a sense of familiarity and reassurance in preparation for their hospital stay.
The key takeaway? Make sure your patients and the experience they have with your organisation is, and always is, number one.


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