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Previously we mentioned how traditional television-based video production could end up becoming a total budget buster, with money often spent on high-tech gizmos and unnecessary gadgets—usually to inflate the egos of the directors! New era web video production lends itself toward budget friendly projects and far better return on investment. But remember, nothing good comes for free. You’ll still have to be conscious of what you want to spend on your video—it’s a good idea to get your head around the costs from the outset. Here’s a quick rundown of the various stages involved in web video production, to help you sort all this out:
Make sure that all your project objectives and goals are well and truly understood by the company creating your video. You’ll need to factor in some good time to meet, flesh out ideas and draw up a plan and brief. Good companies will undertake their own research as well. Pre-production might cover:

  • Video ideas, concepts and storyboards
  • Writing scripts and lines
  • Sourcing the right talents and talent costs, or voice over costs if you’re using a voice over artist for your scripts
  • Graphics development and creation of props.
  • Co-ordination of recording

Logistics, crew, lights camera and action! Here’s where the magic happens. Costs here will be to do with:

  • Production Crew—Sourcing and hiring camera operators, director, lighting, makeup artists, teleprompter operators
  • Production Logistics—what, when, where and how? All the nitty gritty details!
  • Equipment—Cameras, lights, microphones, cranes, etc.
  • Studio Hire / location co-ordination / permits
  • Talent costs—for training, rehearsal, etc.

It really helps if the company you’re dealing with can look after all the above in-house. External contractors will charge more and add to the budget weight (sometimes 2-4 times the cost of a full time employee)
Post Production
With all the hard stuff out of the way, now’s the time to refine and shape the project up. Here, you’ll be focusing on editing, from simple editing to intricate animations, cartoons and 3D. Different skills have different prices within the video production market but remember, companies that aren’t able to do this in house will always have higher costs! Some other things to consider:

  • Reviews—How many people will be approving the edited version? What will this process look like? Will it be based on a time frame or amount of revisions?
  • Delivery—Will the video be uploaded online (to sites like YouTube or Vimeo?) Will the video be transferred to DVD? Will you need to consider rating it? Do you need help uploading or embedding to your site?
  • Optimisation—Will you need help making the videos searchable on the web and ensuring that you get maximum views from Google and YouTube?

With a solid understanding of all these elements, you’ll be able to create a great video production with the right budget in mind.
In the meantime, get some advice on how to keep your costs low with a full service, in-house video production like CreativaWeb Videos.


  • Davin, the heading is a bit misleading. You don’t actually give any idea of cost, top or bottom level. Couldn’t you give some examples of a simple production and a more complex one, ballpark?

    • Davin says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Thanks for the comment. We weren’t trying to be misleading, we really wanted to show that there is a lot of variables that can effect the cost of a web video. Realistically the cheapest web video will only cost Time and Technology (if you have the time and a mobile phone you are ready to produce content), however it is often the pre production that can add the most value to a web video, the planning, script writing audience targeting etc. This is something that many people can do themselves also, however it is good to think about this in terms of a home renovation, while you can do it yourself… it is often better (and easier) to pay someone to do it for you. Web video at the top end of the scale can cost tens of thousands of dollars (but this is rare) and it is generally only after a conversation about needs and outcomes, that we are able to put a price on your video. We are very hesitant to “package” our services because this can be misleading and will often lead to “additional costs” and rarely (if ever) leads to discounts. We would welcome a chat to help a business develop an idea of their suggested web video budget, and of course they are welcome to use this as a basis for comparison.
      I hope this helps

  • Ben Kester says:

    I agree with Wendy. It would be helpful to see another post that includes numbers. You did a great job explaining why costs can vary. The only numbers that I see are individuals advertising their ability to deliver for low cost. What would a typical high cost, middle cost, low cost video be? How does this compare with the general market (are you competitive with your peers, different market price points, etc.)
    Can’t really find this information anywhere. This is an old post, but you look like a responsive person, so thought you might be able to help.

    • Davin says:

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for the comment, we get a lot of people asking this and it is a hard one to answer due to the number of factors which contribute to cost. So much so that your comment has prompted us to finally address this once and for all, so stay tuned for a video which will hopefully outline why videos cost what they do and the ranges, what you can expect etc.
      In the meantime to roughly answer your question, the standard range of web video production falls between $1,000 and $15,000 (in certain circumstances they can be cheaper as well as more expensive) Most web videos fall into the $3,000 – $8,000 range. Creativa are very competitive but as you will hopefully see from searching we have some great points of difference which mean our clients always get value from the videos we produce. If you follow this link to our YouTube channel you can see a range of styles and types of videos we have produced, we are always happy to advise budget ranges based on producing a similar style with different creative.
      I hope this helps
      and thanks again for motivating us to try and resolve this

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