How smart companies have moved away from traditional TV advertising to embrace the future of Online Video Marketing

October 8, 2012
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Once upon a time, the best way for a business to reach its target audience visually was to produce a TV ad. TV was considered the major connection point for decades, despite the fact that TV ads could only be played at certain limited times, and that there was no guarantee the company’s audience would actually ever see the advert. Add to that, big budgets and a high cost of placement, companies rightly began to question whether it was all worth it.
Thankfully, we live in a new era of digital resources, and don’t have to reply on the inefficient broadcast platform of TV advertising in order to get our messages out. As a business owner or marketing manager, you’ll probably have heard a little bit about how online video marketing is rapidly becoming the future of business advertising. Web video marketing is the ultimate all-rounder for your business’s marketing mix—it is affordable to create, it eliminates the nasty budget busting of traditional TV advertising and offers excellent return on investment. More than this, online video lets you actually target your audience with precision, as well as measure its efficacy in delivering the message.
Online video is extremely versatile. It can be uploaded to websites, blogs, email, social media, and can be viewed by your audience through free search on search engines, as well as via PPC (pay-per-click advertising). Most analytics platforms allow the owner to track each and every viewing and click. This means that you can monitor exactly who is watching your videos & where and when they find them – essential information for understanding your audience and how to appeal to them.
Perhaps most impressive trait of online video marketing is its longevity. TV advertisements get airplay for a matter of weeks at best—think of all that money that gets spent for something that barely gets a run at all. On the other hand, online video can last for years. It remains accessible on the web, can be played and re-watched at any time, giving your audience the choice and freedom to consume your content whenever they like, wherever they like.
A professional, well planned web video production can turn your business marketing from something special into something exceptional. If you want more information on how web video can benefit your business, call Creativa Web Video Production Melbourne on 1300 90 18 58 we can show you how you can capitalise on today’s cutting edge video marketing technology and captivate your audience.

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