How smart companies use web video and online video marketing

September 26, 2012
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The power of visual mediums cannot be overstated in our fast, digital world, we’re bombarded with imagery, input and information at every turn. As a business owner or marketing manager looking to harness the public’s attention, you’ve got to be clever about the sort of visual marketing you use. Online video marketing is just about the most powerful and versatile tool you can deploy form your marketing mix. Produced well, web video has the capacity to capture and seize the lasting attention and awareness of your market segment.
Smart companies use online video marketing to inform about their brand, products, services and vision. They promote their videos online, through websites, blogs and social media feeds.
Here’s the process:
Your business wants to capture a wider audience to generate awareness and sales. You record a video using a digital camera, ideally with the aid of a professional online video production company. You then edit the video to look smooth and classy again, the best results always come from the experts companies who are well versed at all kinds of post-production methods and techniques (like animation, digital graphics, multimedia fusion, etc) From here, the video is effortlessly uploaded to the web through a video site like YouTube, where it can be linked and embedded onto your company website, blogs and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Your audience can then stream your great video on the web using their PC, laptop, tablet or phone streaming means pressing play and watching the video without actually downloading the whole file. They watch it there and then, instantly learning about your brand and what you can offer them. They can return and re-watch it any time, giving them the unique power of choice that a traditional broadcast model can’t offer.
Why is digital video so effective? Because it’s extremely accessible and has huge viral potential. People enjoy good quality videos and want to watch them. Plus, they’re versatile companies can use them to communicate to the public, as well as within their own organisations, for staff training, internal communication, product rollout the options are endless.
Before the digital boom, video was generally created for commercial TV this was a costly, overinflated production process that could blow a company’s budget big time, and couldn’t guarantee return on investment. Today, companies have access to a huge global audience with the web and no longer have to rely on the limited medium of commercial television. Digital video is affordable for companies to make & digital video production companies are lean and employ multi-tasking staff, capable of quick turnarounds and excellent results (as well as great return on investment). With a suite of tricks and visual editing capacity, digital video companies can create truly cutting edge, industry-leading web video projects.
Sure, video can be made DIY. But remember, it’s a very discerning audience out there today. Use video wisely and if you need help, give us a call, we’d love to give you more info about how to capture your target audience with a slick, affordable, well produced web video.

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