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June 22, 2016
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How to capture your message—and your unique brand—on video

It’s every marketer’s goal to accurately represent the complex and nuanced set of traits that make up a brand, and it’s every videographer’s goal to take that precise branding and use it to create something unforgettable. Working with your video production company to achieve that feat is a challenging but rewarding experience. In our view, a great video can only be achieved by knowing the brand and company inside-out to produce the results they desire and help them achieve their goal.



Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Step 1: Talk It Out

We’ve learned that when it comes to understanding a client’s intentions for a video, communication is key. Well before you begin work, the first thing you need to do is have a good talk with your video production company about where the video is headed. Tell them your story and message first, and then let the production company retell/rephrase the story back to you. You can find how much they’re grasping by listening to the way they would tell it:
Did they get the key points?
Is there a better way to tell this story?
Are they able to produce a concise and compelling message?


Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Step 2: Focus on a Single Message

Next, it’s generally beneficial to allow some guidance from your video production company in editing your message. Sometimes it’s hard to see things clearly when you’re in the midst of day-to-day work as internal stakeholders, and an outsider can offer new insights. Rather than overcomplicate the message and try to fit it all in, try to keep it short and sweet.




Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Step 3: Get Creative

Then it’s time to go crazy and let the creative juices flow. Brainstorm ideas and concepts, look at examples, be open to innovation, and put all options on the table. At this stage, no idea is too wild—it’s all about digging deep, yet always keeping the focus on the desired results and outcomes.



BlogImagesJUNE-06   Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Step 4: Refine Your Options

When you’ve got a plethora of possible routes, it’s time to reign it back in and consider your aim. Make sure the message is targeting the desired audience and that they will have an emotional connection to the video and the problem and solution it contains. Reconsider your branding at this step.
1) Of all the creative options you brainstormed, does this choice accurately represent your brand in a way that will be consistent with other outgoing media?
2) Are we considering and covering the rational and—even more important—emotional factors of the target audience?
3) Are we validating our claims?
4) And are we doing all of this in the minimum possible timeframe?
The truth of the matter is a great idea with poor execution can still produce a terrible outcome. Creating a video is a conglomerate of hundreds or thousands of micro decisions that go all the way from what points to cover to colours, texts, time on screen, positioning, composition, sound effects and more. For your video to be the best it can be, make sure whoever is making those decisions along the way clearly understands and aligns with your vision and objectives.

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