Making a mountain out of molehill can be good for Business – What's up September

Organising any local event or activity for your business can be time consuming and costly, specially if you want to make it memorable.

Getting a good return on time and money invested becomes a numbers game: The more people you manage to get involved the more chances you have to get a client or a referral, right?

The problem is that getting big numbers in the one location might prove to be, well… impossible..

If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed

So here is the trick, what if the local event was simply a stage that allow you to create the real show?
By creating a video of your presentation, trade show, event, show, activation, game or activity you can now extend the reach and leverage your initiative, turning hundreds of local attendees into thousands of viewers that watch and share your video online.

So, your event becomes the stage, your participants the talents, and the final video becomes a really cost effective way to get clients and referrals for years. Add a little bit of fun factor, appeal to inner kid, and take your message to millions.
Here are some interesting examples on how to leverage a molehill local initiative into a mountain of opportunities.

We hope you enjoy What’s up and we look forward seeing you in the studio soon.
The Creativa Team



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