How to get your senior execs to say YES to your video idea!

August 8, 2017
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All too often, great video ideas never get off the ground. The idea was innovative, the proposed footage beautiful, but unfortunately, the senior executive team was not convinced that video was the right strategy at that point in time.
In order to get executive buy-in, it’s more than demonstrating a return on investment, it’s about putting forward a robust business case and rallying support across the whole organisation.   
Here is an overview of some the key areas to cover when preparing to pitch the concept to the senior leadership team:

  1. Frame the issues/ challenges currently being experienced within the business, and what it means to the organisation to not address it.
  2. Frame the proposed solution, present the facts and why video is the most compelling solution
  3. Execution of the Campaign including timelines, collateral, internal and external resources.  
  4. Key Metrics to measure success – Present how video metrics will be tracked and benchmarked
  5. Financials – Outline the expected Return on Investment and include the break even point. It is really important to find a way to differentiate the income generated from your video campaign(s) from other marketing strategies employed. Landing pages and embedded links specific to your video will help you to track people from views to purchases and other actions.
  6. Extended Benefits – Demonstrate other ways value can be obtained such as repurposing the video for social campaigns, etc.  
  7. And potentially the most important one… show them relevant examples, images say so much more than words, the right example is more often than not the one piece of the puzzle that moves the mountain of objections.  

Executive buy-in goes beyond approving the budget, they have to be fully committed to the overall success of the campaign. This includes making themselves available to help make important decisions, corralling the right people to work on the project as well as obtaining internal buy-in by driving enthusiasm and engagement across the organisation. It is also critical that they understand producing the video(s) is just the beginning. They need to commit to harnessing resources and investing in the videos beyond the production. Videos don’t market themselves, so senior executives need to have clarity around the ongoing marketing investment to ensure the video meets the proposed targets and objectives.   
Beyond building financials and a robust campaign strategy, here are some other more subtle considerations to help with getting your proposal approved.

  • Find an executive sponsor

The carefully chosen executive will help champion the idea and help build momentum/enthusiasm across the organisation. Their powers of persuasion, as well as their direct influence on resource allocation, will help you drive the project through the organisation.

  • Know the executives’ personalities & their personal interests and objectives.

When it comes to pitching to the executives, it is important that you know what makes them tick. What is the primary focus of their role and have you addressed their needs? Invest the time in anticipating their questions and be ready with answers.

  • Always have a Plan B

Even with all the best intentions in the world, there are going to be things that you have not considered so expect to be challenged. Remember that this is not personal, it’s their job to mitigate any risks. Perhaps consider running a pilot or staged implementation to help get it across the line

  • Timing is everything

Make sure you present your proposal at the right time. The larger the investment you are seeking, the more cautious they will be, particularly in leaner times.

  • Involve others

The more people in support of the project, the higher the engagement and commitment levels.  Without buy-in across all levels of the organisation, it may be a struggle to get the project off the ground.
Pitching a video marketing campaign for executive buy-in can involve a great deal of due diligence, but it will be worth it. Once your video marketing campaign is live and driving awareness and sales through the roof you’ll know the next time you seek to obtain executive buy-in, it will be a whole lot easier because you’ve established their trust, and respect.
Need a little help putting a case forward? Give us a call!

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