How to really leverage your marketing with Video

This incredible TNT follow up campaign appropriately titled A dramatic surprise on an ice-cold dayis a classic example of a well-staged marketing exercise. They obviously had a great budget and it looks like the creative team had a lot of fun, but apart from all the awesome action and special effects, what makes it so great?

Well, the fact that even though you are probably thousands of miles from Belgium and this took place months ago, thanks to video, you are still able to see and experience it. This campaign is built on the success of their earlier A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Squarea similar concept which involves the temptation of the button (if you haven’t seen it I have embedded it below).

Obviously, for the people involved, the experience is one they will never forget and even though your experience as a viewer is slightly diluted, it is still amazing to watch.

For TNT they have their brand being shared by millions of people because they were able to leverage an activity that took place locally with clever planning and the use of video.

How will you leverage your next marketing campaign?

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