How to use videos to improve workplace productivity

September 4, 2013
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As a manager, I’m sure you may have noticed that some of your workers are more productive than others. Some employees particularly excel in areas of efficiency, timeliness and attention to detail. You may find yourself at times asking of your team- if everyone here shares the same responsibilities and has been provided with the same tools – then why are they delivering work with such different outcomes?
The answer is in the processes. Processes that often employees are not even aware they follow. Working techniques that certain team members have automatically developed and improved on the go; which result in tasks taking less time, with a higher standard achieved in the final product. So, what if you could help other workers become just as efficient, by following the methods your top performers have already developed? You can! Just by observing and documenting a process, you could try to write step- by- step instructions and turn it into a procedure manual for people to read and learn from.
However, it’s not quite that simple. What ever is? Noting and writing every step is time consuming and demands attention. Plus you have that old issue of NOBODY READS MANUALS. Which brings me to what matters here: Video. When producing process videos with your top performers, you are registering and recording every single thing they do, in a visual and attractive way. It’s quick, and much more efficient to transmit information. And best of all… no writing or reading required!
Sometimes people are not even aware that they are doing a job incorrectly, because they have never been shown otherwise, or they assume their technique is fine. Turns out, employees are usually surprised as to how inefficient they have been once they discover another way of working or doing things. Showing a video during a meeting, or on the intranet explaining how a process is correctly followed, will have an impact on your audience, not to mention their performance. People learn by hearing and seeing (one of the reasons cooking shows are so popular, for instance), so showing a video will save time and money. Instead of having the expert go to each person and explain the process personally, you can have the expert on film, and share it widely on the Internet or in staff meetings.
Videos can become the new process manuals for an organization. Forget boring, heavy books. Who spends so much time reading nowadays anyway? By releasing a video that outlines the must do’s or basics in specific situations, you are sending out a clear message, outlining and enforcing procedures that many may have skipped involuntarily. And I’m talking about anything that requires explanation, no matter how simple the task – such as how to answer the phone or design email signatures- right through to more complex actions. Videos are effective, as they are not subject to interpretation.
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A great way to improve your employee’s knowledge of the company and lead to not only better and more open communication, but to also result in your staff becoming more invested in the workplace, is through using internal videos. Use videos with your team to highlight company plans, share new business activities, to present or explain products and services….you can even start with your new recruits. Effective employee orientation videos will give new staff not only a thorough understanding of the company, their job and the expectations, but will also ensure they are excited about becoming a part of the business.
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What makes this tool so awesome is that there is a system to track how effective videos are. Not only will you feel productivity improving, you will actually be able to measure it. This is a communication method that conveys meaning and emotion better than text, still images or audio can deliver on their own. Video is a surefire way to boost productivity and, even better, reduce costs. Ready to get started?

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