Identifying and Hiring the Best Creative Talent

June 22, 2016
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How to spot creativity and build an innovative team.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a crystal ball to consult in the hiring process that could tell you whether a potential new hire has what it takes to ignite innovation? Creative, productive teams are only as forward-thinking as the individual minds they contain. Here’s how to staff your all-star team of out-of-the-box creators.

Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Look for learners.

It takes more strength to admit how much you have to learn than to pretend you already know it all. Team up with people who are open to new ideas and actively seek education—they’ll be the ones who are on the forefront of new developments in the future.


Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Narrow the pool.

At Creativa, we filter first through applications and then through video submission before we ever begin interviews. Finding the individual who will be a perfect fit for Creativa is a time-consuming process, and it’s simply not possible to devote that amount of consideration to each and every applicant. Using resources wisely means a better likelihood of finding the right candidate.


Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Consider your culture.

Before creativity can blossom, everyone has to agree on values and principals. At Creativa, our clients always come first, and all members of our team must exhibit

  1. Integrity: impeccable in word and deed
  2. Involvement: caring about others
  3. Innovation: consistently finding unique solutions

If a potential new hire can’t live that culture, then we can’t have them in the team, regardless of creative potential.

Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Have the tough talks.

Challenging interviews separate the ho-hum candidates from the innovators who know how to think on their feet. Look beyond the specific answers to questions, and focus on the attitude and ability to adapt. At Creativa, we try to find out what makes interviewees tick and where they draw inspiration and satisfaction. Sometimes we even ask them to criticise our own work. Funny what you can learn from that exercise!

Creativa_logo-SpeechBubble Stay close early on.

Even after a candidate has been added to the team, keep an eye on how they interact with the team, their can-do attitude, their feeling towards the clients and their “innovation factor.” Creativa’s mission is to be proud of every single video we produce for their ability to produce results. If a new hire is not asking the right questions to understand the deeper objectives of the video, then they might not be the right fit for us, and it’s better to learn that sooner rather than later.

When hiring is successful and a dynamic team goes to work, the results can be astounding.

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