How to Incorporate Educational Videos into Your University Curriculum

July 23, 2014
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Incorporating educational videos into your university curriculum is a great way to stay in touch with current materials as well as accessing the wisdom of the past. Teaching at a University is challenging and using educational videos can help professors in many ways. Educators can use free videos from the internet and other free educational videos produced by universities and teaching programs. It is recommended that professors take certain measures to ensure the video content is the most helpful such as, using only short videos, and making sure to discuss them thoroughly after watching. Students may also film their own videos to replace homework assignments, and to serve as an educational video log.
Incorporate free content from YouTube and other free educational channels
A university can incorporate free content from YouTube and other free educational channels into the classroom. This is a great way to develop a well-rounded curriculum. This will especially help students that think visually instead of physically or verbally. Studies show that visual learners need visual stimulation in lectures and other course content to understand the material. The best part of incorporating educational videos into your university curriculum is that they remain accessible. The student may re-watch the video as many times as they need to understand the subject matter.
Keep the videos short
No matter the subject of the videos used to complement lectures and course material, it is important that professors keep educational videos short. Shorter videos are more useful because students may lose interest with lengthy and boring documentaries. Shorter clips can be used for very specific lessons, while longer videos might sweep over important information. Keeping videos short will ensure that students maintain interest.  They are also easier to upload onto public forums, as larger files sometimes take up to an hour to upload, especially with slower internet connections.
Discuss the content after watching.
It is important that educators discuss the video content immediately after watching it with their students. This will give students an absolute perspective of the topic, allow them to ask questions. By only watching the video and then moving on, the contents are not enforced in the student mind, defeating the purpose.
Have students film their own content.
Students can even film their own content as part of an assignment. Either in groups or individually, professors find it easy to have their students submit videos online rather than boring papers and tests. This can be done with foreign languages where students film a conversation to grade in fluency, or students can make their own news show or parody video. This helps students to utilize technology and group video presentations to create a sense of camaraderie.
Branded content produced by the university
Educational videos made specifically to fit course curriculum will make the educator and learner experience more fulfilling.  That is why many universities hire professionals to produce their own educational video content to use in the classroom as aid to already existent lectures. Many universities have chosen this path with great success, as these professionals can create highly customized content to match any course. Math, science, language, and literature educational videos can enrich educational experience.
Key Takeaways
Incorporating videos into course curriculum can enhance students learning experience while improving their overall understanding of the subject, making the professor’s job easier in the long run. Students can also film their own videos to showcase the topics they have been studying, similar to a term paper, but interacting more with modern technological academic mediums. Universities can even have customized educational videos produced to nourish pre-existing content. No matter what your approach, educational videos assist professors.

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