Increase Student and Educator Engagement in the Classroom with Video

August 7, 2014
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We’ve all heard the expression “Don’t do as I do, do as I tell you to do.” When it comes to education however, it seems like “Do as I do” is a much more effective way to teach.

Dale’s Cone of Experience

It goes back to the 1960’s and a theory from Edgar Dale. Dale theorized that the closer we could put a student into a real experience, the more likely he would be to retain information learned. His research resulted in what is called “Dale’s Cone of Experience”.
Visualize a pyramid, or cone. At the top of the cone, the smallest part, is where the least retention takes place. As the cone broadens downward, more retention takes place. At the very top of the cone is detached learning, such as reading. According to Dale’s Cone, about only 10% of what is read is retained. At the bottom of the cone is “Real experience”. When students go through an experience, they are 90% likely to retain what they have learned. Dale’s Cone of Experience is the reason adults don’t stick fingers in electrical sockets.
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Between the 10% retention from reading and the 90% from real life experience, Dale’s Cone includes teaching tools like lectures, viewing demonstrations, viewing exhibits, watching videos and role playing. It turns out our eyes are magnets for learning. It is said 85% of what we learn comes to us visually.
It is why you should consider ways to increase student and educator engagement in the classroom with video.

Videos and Education

How powerful are videos in education? Consider that the second largest search engine next to Google is YouTube. Contrary to what some think, YouTube has a lot more to it than Uncle Bob’s dog running into the sliding glass door. YouTube is filled with instructional videos that teach everything from how to fix the gears on a ten-speed bike to how to make your own straight razor. Yes, YouTube even includes higher education courses.
Online education platform edX conducted a study on video learning that provides some terrific insights on just how schools can increase student engagement with video. There are much more powerful ways to engage students than having them view a static video of a professor behind a lectern. These static videos can result in a “Buehler? Buehler?” scenario for students, having them tuning out within minutes.
Videos in the classroom can expand the classroom experience tremendously. Properly produced educational videos should contain interesting graphics and real life examples of what the course is about. Interesting camera angles and properly paced video shots and edits can increase the power of educational videos. Keep it short. Videos over nine minutes in length begin to lose their potency.
Some are reluctant to recognize that educational videos are competing with other forms of media. Professional video production companies know how to grab and keep young people’s attention today. They recognize that these young people do not live in a vacuum. They understand today’s students know what they like and how they like it delivered.
Using Dale’s Cone as an example, create videos that offer the closest thing to a real life experience. Will they be more costly to produce than a static camera? Certainly, but well produced educational videos will have a more powerful reach and improved retention for students. They also create a brand for your institution that demonstrates yours as a progressive place of higher learning.

Educator Engagement

You can increase educator engagement with video by involving teachers in the medium and helping them expand their own knowledge. It can help them in increasing their own knowledge and experiences. It also increases their exposure. This allows them the ability to showcase their achievements and highlight the people who have assisted them in special projects. Educators can use video to showcase the good things that are going on in their department and help instill pride and build momentum.
When educators see the results of a well-produced video that they have played a role in, it is as rewarding as successfully reaching a student. Engaging educators is also very valuable in maintaining teacher retention.
Video helps in educator recruitment as well. It allows the opportunity to better demonstrate what the school is all about and the atmosphere surrounding the institution. It offers a unique way to show off your facilities and focus on areas of particular pride. It provides the ability to get the school in front of educators who may not otherwise even consider the school for employment. It will expand the pool of educators that can be reached for recruitment.

Added Exposure for the University

Professional video can greatly enhance exposure for the school through social media and even through the production traditional “commercials”. Many cable company’s offer very competitive rates for “local inserts” of :30 second advertisements that allow you to target these TV ads to a local or regional audience.
Videos can better demonstrate what on-campus student life is about. A video can show facilities and experiences that directly involve students. There’s the potential to have students themselves talk about their experiences at the school and offer testimonials as to the schools assets.

Educate Current Students and Staff

Many higher education facilities have underused resources. Videos can help better demonstrate and “sell” these resources to current students and staff. It can give greater access to little known programs and open up more opportunities for students and staff alike. Consider the under utilized resources at your university and imagine what a professionally produced video can do to get them greater exposure. It is yet another reason video can help.
Do you want to increase student engagement with video? Contact an experienced, full-service video production company. Choose one that can deliver video content that best represents your school and your goals. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us.

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