Incredible Advertising To Inspire Even The Most Culinarily Challenged to Rock the Kitchen!

June 11, 2015
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This is cinematic advertising that gets it totally right. The videos featured here in our ‘video picks of the month’, will show you that no matter what your subject matter, with a ton of creativity and imagination your video production campaign can produce a jaw dropping advertisement.

Lurpak Spreadable – Freestyle

These videos are essentially promoting cookware and butter. Not really inspiring products on their own, so these commercials have taken full advantage of the recent boom in the cooking industry and showcase food with spectacular colour, dramatic intensity, microscopic detail and clever transitioning that make those regular items from your pantry appear full of beauty and life.

Lurpak Cook’s Range – Adventure Awaits

Lurpak – Weave Your Magic

Through extraordinary shots and editing, the combination of slow motion and smooth transitions effectively draw the viewer in and certainly keeps you hooked. In under 1 minute each of these videos embody the passion, creativity and energy of the modern cook, or successfully motivate you to get in the kitchen if you don’t cook. And for the actual promotional part about the product on offer, we only see it in the last few seconds. Brilliant!


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