Induction and OH&S videos, boring? Never again.

April 23, 2013
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If you’re a HR manager or you work closely with HR then you will know how important internal communications are to get your message across. The problem is that amongst all the information you have to communicate, some is entertaining, and some not so much. Induction and OH&S videos tend to be long and tedious… and despite the fact that you force everyone to watch them, there’s no guarantee they will retain any of the information contained in the videos, right? So after all the effort (and money) spent on producing these videos, they don’t really seem to make much of a difference outside of meeting your compliance obligations.

So why not take advantage of a more creative video tool like animation and use’it to explain the stuff that some may consider… boring? Well, maybe I was a’little harsh, not boring but hard, uninteresting information that’s full of important’messages …

Many might find this statement confusing, but I´m convinced cartoons are
serious business and more effective in communicating complex ideas than
standard video. Through witty, funny, punch lines, interesting twists, fine drawing
and animation, you can address any important issue and still get your message
through. Cartoon animations provide an unexpected factor; they keep your
audience entertained, hooked and intrigued. No matter how old your viewer is,
cartoons always manage to connect with them via their intellect and emotion.
The bonus for you is that your message is delivered in a succinct and clear and
entertaining way.

Induction videos and OH&S instructions are necessary and essential for a
company to function. Many businesses find it challenging to communicate this
information in an appealing way to their employees. For those who struggle, I
would strongly suggest you consider a cartoon. With them, an arduous issue
can suddenly become interesting. And even though they are not the easiest
videos around to produce, they certainly are in many cases more cost effective
than filming an induction video based on locations and roll-plays.

Here is a Creativa example of what I´ve been talking about. The topic wasn’t
exactly a fun one, but we worked on it with cartoon animations and voila:


Here are a few more examples of our work

Did you like it? We do. So to all of you out there I say, do not underestimate the power

of cartoon.

Here are a few more examples from TED

Click here to see a talk by Liza Donnelly on the power of Cartoons

Or Click here to listen to Patrick Chappatte

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