An Insider Look at YouTube Spaces Around the Globe

August 8, 2014
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Many bloggers focus on the extraordinary features at the Google offices, so we thought we’d take a deep dive into the facilities at the YouTube offices around the world and were blown away by what we found.
YouTube Spaces are not your average office buildings. In fact, they’re not office buildings at all. Contrary to the understandable misconception held by many, these state-of-the-art facilities are not built for YouTube employees. They’re for you.
Before we even get started on all the techy gadgets, lets take a look at some of the other facilities in the YouTube offices.
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At YouTube Spaces around the world, LA, London, New York and Tokyo, video creators are invited to use the company’s advanced equipment to create stunning professional-quality videos. We’re talking green screens, a wide selection of cameras, sound gear that would make a Hollywood producer jealous, and many other goodies otherwise unavailable to the average person. You can even do your post-production on-site using the company’s proprietary software.
There are a couple of requirements, however. Firstly, you need to have a YouTube Channel – so no, you can’t just use the company’s offices to edit your cousins wedding video. You’ll also need to have a certain number of subscribers, just to make sure you’re serious about your craft and an active member of the YouTube ecosystem. As long as you have these in place, it’s all fair game.
The Locations
The home of YouTube in California is fittingly known as the flagship home for collaborators and video creators. It’s built on the site of the former Howard Hughes Airport (you may know the name from the film Aviator) and covers a massive 41’000 square feet.
But that’s just one location. Google has three others dotted around the globe (London, Tokyo, and New York are the others) and has plans for more in the coming years. Each built using the latest and greatest, in central locations, and all oozing that YouTube class we’ve become so accustomed to.
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Sounds Great! But How Much?
They each allow anyone with a certain number of subscribers (the exact varies from location to location) to sign up and use the Spaces without a price tag attached. That’s right, it’s completely free. No price plans, no free entry to then charge for the advanced stuff – just YouTube trying to give a little something back to the community on which the company has built its success.
Why We Love the Idea
YouTube just keeps taking things to the next level when it comes to handing the keys to video creators. Alongside the many technological improvements being added to the already impressive platform, YouTube has also given general access to advanced video creation studios that would otherwise cost well into the thousands.
We not only love that YouTube is giving creators the tools to conjure up advanced videos, but the company is also ensuring that non-profits get a slice of the action as well. Unsurprisingly restricted by budget, the non-profit message is often backed by mediocre productions due to limited facilities and tools. With YouTube Spaces, non-profits can create moving pieces that will get more eyeballs on their good work. YouTube, take a bow.
YouTube also encourages collaboration. Channel owners can combine their artistic talents to create impressive productions, with a juicy grant of up to $1000 to help get the ball rolling. This leads to a more cohesive creative community and a general levelling-up of quality.

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