Insurance & Telcos using emotion to connect with consumers – And how you can too

Ewan Roxburgh
July 13, 2015
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More and more businesses are producing video content that use emotion and heartfelt stories to communicate their message. Advertising through inspiring and compelling storytelling can produce emotional reactions and form a direct correlation between the way a person feels after watching a video and how they then respond.  So let’s take a look at some examples and why they work so well:

Real emotions build real connections

Already seen by over 25 million people, Thai Life Insurance produced this beautiful and inspiring video that leaves the viewer feeling positive and optimistic and that human compassion does still exist.

Your message needs to tap into the real emotions of the viewer. You want to engage the audience in a powerful way to increase video likes and shares, and also to inspire people to take action. Your brand will stay memorable if the viewer has experienced a real emotional connection while watching your video.

Share a Story that the audience can relate to

Here we see a story of true kindness and humanity, reminding us of the importance of staying connected and in touch with our loved ones. (ie. Perhaps by using True Move H for our mobile service …)

Tap into authentic human experience – tell stories that draw on genuine human experiences and show the audience a situation they could imagine themselves in.

Create Awareness through Creativity

Video has the power to communicate and help viewers to understand concepts they may not be aware of. Use your imagination and creativity to engage your audience -providing information or facts that may shock or surprise them – but deliver the message with real passion.  Some of the best emotionally driven ads take the viewer on an entire journey and can open their minds to even lead to having a different perspective on life.
A great example is the following video from Metlife Asia – this video takes us on a beautiful journey about the special bond between father and daughter. A must watch if you haven’t seen it.

In summary – video is a great opportunity to reach your audience effectively through the context of an emotionally meaningful message.  Build on the need of society to feel optimistic and to feel some sort of connection and passion to a brighter future. Do this right and your brand will certainly stay in the viewer’s mind.

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