Integrating the Online Mix: How smart companies use Online Video to enhance the power of their marketing mix

August 31, 2012
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Depending on your business and product, you’ll likely have an online marketing mix that fuses online advertising, social media, websites, blogs, organic search engine traffic and web optimisation. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that could integrate all the pieces of the marketing mix together? A sort of online marketing glue. Online video just might be your answer.
As a business owner, CEO or marketing manager you’ll likely have seen the rise of online video marketing in today’s marketplace. Today, more and more companies are harnessing the power of online video, incorporating it as a crucial piece of the marketing mix—indeed, as the glue that joins it all together.
Online video can be thought of as a frontline touch point for your brand—the ultimate multi-media promoter for your products, services, vision and buzz. Used well, it is most versatile mediums around—you can deploy it on the front page of your website, shoot it out virally through social media, incorporate it through advertising, send it through email—it straddles the entire marketing mix platform.
Most importantly, users will find it hard not to come across your videos when they search for you, or your related business, through web search engines. Because YouTube is owned by Google, videos rank highly on Google searches—with the right keywords embedded into your video with Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO), your videos effortlessly climb to the top of the pack.
People enjoy watching great quality videos. When they’re entertaining, well made, creative and cool, web video can becomes the perfect fusion of marketing and entertainment. Relatively effortless to create, extremely efficient in conveying information, online video is truly dynamic—it boosts promotion, whips up new web traffic, generates social media buzz, entertains and still delivers crucial information to a diverse audience. It has a flow on effect right through the marketing mix and proves it worth in spades.
Nothing can engender awareness, communication, connection and deliver key messages to a diverse audience the same way online video can.
Today’s digital video technology offers a diversity of techniques—graphics, animation, infomercial, dynamic audio—the possibilities are endless. If you’d like to find out more or talk about how integrating video into your marketing mix will really make your brand stand out online then hopefully you know who to call, just search Google for web video marketing melbourne or web video melbourne or just type creativa.

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