It's Time To Embrace Technology & Show Off To Your Customers

Ewan Roxburgh
September 24, 2015
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It’s a no brainer that providing great customer service for your clients is a priority to keep clients satisfied. But with such a competitive online marketplace, the modern day consumer desires more than satisfactory service these days. They want an experience, not just a service.
Social media has given customers the power to tell companies what they want. As consumers we are empowered to have these demands and we are likely to switch carriers if a better deal comes along.
In the case of Insurance companies and Utility providers in particular, from what consumers are telling us, a personalised service and enjoyable customer experience will win and retain their loyalty over competitors who are just offering cheap prices.
Customer engagement is managing their expectations and that requires really listening to what customers are saying. What does the modern day customer want? How do they want information delivered to them? Show them that you understand their needs and that your company can fit in with their lifestyle.
Rather than posting out policies or quotes, you can engage with your customers by using personalised video content that is delivered to match their unique and specific needs. Check out the following car insurance quote video as an example below.

Interact with your customers in real time, such as delivering a monthly bill or statement in the form of a short, customised video. Offering an interactive and personalised experience for your customers, they are less likely to feel the need to shop around and check out the competition.
There are so many ways to embrace technology and media and listen to the needs of consumers’ to transform the overall experience your customer has. If you miss the opportunity to show that you can fit in with the demands of the modern day customer – chances are someone else will grab that opportunity (and they will steal your customer in the process). So get to it!


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