It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; it’s the taking part that counts-said someone who never won anythingIt’s hard not to be proud of our recent swag of awards from the annual Australian Video Producers Association awards night. But even though we won “Best Children’s Program” and received 3 high commendations for “Best Education and Training Video” “Best Online Promotional Video” and “Best Corporate Showreel produced under $5,000”, the real winners are our clients.We can’t deny that the recognition you feel from winning awards is certainly satisfying, but realistically, they are not why we do what we do. We set out to deliver award winning videos for each client regardless of budget or industry and that is why we dedicate these awards to you, for having the vision to choose web video, and for allowing us at Creativa Web Videos to make them for you.Scroll Down to see the awards and watch the videos:
Winner – Best Children Program – Ricky Riot (This is one of the series, for more videos visit:
Finalist – Corporate Under $5000 – Creativa Web Promotional Video
Finalist – Education and Training – Leonda By the Yarra – Our Values
Finalist – On-Line Promotional Video – Total Eden Promo


  • I’m very impressed by the standards and breadth of your work. I’m going to send a link to my clients and suggest that they have a look at each of the videos to see how they can use them in their businesses.

  • All of the above videos are exceptional! I have worked with several different video production companies. I think the stands creativa way beyond the others is their focus on marketing. Not only do they help you look at producing your videos, but they look at how this fits in to your bigger marketing strategy. I would recommend Creativa to any small to medium business looking to enhance their online experience for customers.

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