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July 2, 2012
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People love to watch online videos. But it’s the really engaging ones that are remembered and re-watched again and again. In our crowded online world, you’ve got to make videos cool, or people will just as easy tune out. With training videos especially, creating something engaging is a sure-fire way of turning what could be a potentially painful and boring experience into something appealing and effective.

Marketers, trainers and educators working in corporates and small businesses know that training videos are a really clever way to get important information out to their employees and clientele. In the past few years, training videos on the web have become a standard practice for corporates and small businesses, and a really effective marketing tool.

But huge growth in the amount and styles of training videos on the web has led to more and more innovation in terms of how the videos are produced and created. Fresh ideas led to continual improvement in video quality. While it’s a good thing that the standard kept getting pushed up, it meant that audiences began to get accustomed to this high level of quality and began to expect the best if they were going to take time to tune in. Boring, unimaginative, average quality videos just didn’t cut the mustard anymore.

Cool training videos open people’s minds up. They make people more receptive to what it is that you’re trying to tell them. They simultaneously entertain your audience, while getting your message out to them.

Engaging training videos are the most creative ones. When you’re more creative, thinking outside the boundaries of what can be done, chances are you’ll discover fresh ideas and perspectives about how to deliver your message. Cool videos stick out because their creators do things different. Here are some great examples to get you thinking:
RSA Animate – An awesome method of relaying heaps of information in a flowing, entertaining, visual narrative

The Joy of Stats (BBC) – Check out how something mundane like statistics becomes a full, interactive experience

Betfair – An effective and dynamic training video utilising computer screen capture technology.

Now, before cutting loose with all your creative stuff, there’s something essential you need to consider first:

The Audience
No point throwing all those cool ideas around before asking: Who exactly is our audience?Take the time to really understand who it is that you’re making the video for. Who do you want to reach and connect with? Other workers inside your organisation? External customers of your product or service? Know your audience. Consider exactly why they’ll want to be watching the video, how much time they have to watch it, and what their motivations might be to want to watch it.

Nail this first step and you’ll be on well your way to creating the coolest training video possible.
Need a boost in creativity for your next training video? Give Creativa Web Videos a call to find out how we can help create something amazing.

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