Kinetic Text – a Powerful Video Tool for Business -Blog-

July 31, 2012
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As you will see when you watch the video below, sometimes there is no need to talk to convey a message with Video. Kinetic Text allows us to communicate directly with our customers without concerning ourselves with the tone of voice, accent or gender of a spokesperson. Kinetic text also raises the level of engagement by introducing active interaction (viewers must read to get the message). It is only a short step from here to your call to action and while they are engaged why not ask them for their email address or contact details?

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Creativa provides complete video production and animation services for clients direct or for agencies nationwide, specialising in creating content that engages Aussie audiences. Working with local crews dotted around the country to capture live-action video footage, we manage all the coordination for you. Whatever type of video you need, we’ve got you covered.