Kinetic Videos: Making sure the energy is just right

July 1, 2013
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Have you ever found yourself watching and becoming so absorbed in a video which consisted mainly of moving typography, that you viewed the video all the way from start to finish? Perhaps you found yourself slightly hypnotized by the dancing letters that were transforming from one word to the next right before your eyes? If you answered yes, you are certainly not alone – you my friend, along with countless others, have been subjected to the power of Kinetic Video.

Now I am not a Physics Professor, so I will refrain from attempting to engage in the exact definition and explanation of Kinetic energy. I will simply define it, in vague terms, as ‘the energy a body has because of its motion’. However, as a video extraordinaire, allow me to break down the meaning of Kinetic Videos instead.

If you’ve ever encountered a video with moving text, then you are already familiar with Kinetic video. This is a modern technique of moving text and images to create dynamic and engaging videos that can communicate long messages quickly, while keeping the viewers hooked to the screen.The great thing about a good kinetic piece is that through an animation technique, the typography is presented over time in a manner (sound, colours) intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion in you, the audience.

To say that we are of a visual era is an understatement. But still, this is the reason Kinetic videos work like a charm. We like seeing content in a way that attracts our full attention. These videos are addictive, not just because they’re fun, but also because they provide new information in a comprehensive way, making that information more retainable. Nowadays, there’s huge value in being able to tell a story that people will read all the way through and then share with others. Kinetic type lends itself to, well, exactly this. They are great because they can be used with or without voiceover, combined with other techniques and styles and (the BIG and often fundamental reason) they are very cost effective to produce.

Kinetic type has already been proven as an engaging format for storytelling in many arenas. Some typical uses are: Landing page videos (especially if you are creating multiples of them), YouTube / Video advertising, Trade shows (where audio is usually a problem and engaging passers by is a must), video brochures, email marketing campaigns (EDM), and template videos (when needing to do a lot of similar, cool and engaging videos in a cost effective way). Add to this songs, movie quotes, information and TV commercials. Kinetic typography is often spotted in movie credits as well. Even from a journalistic standpoint, kinetic type is effective for stories that have massive amounts of data and statistics. Who knew, right?

Example of a journalistic Kinetic Video:

To create a kinetic-type-style video with all the bells and whistles, including the cool zooming, blurs and visual effects, there are a few tips that may come in handy, such as: Creating an exact copy of what you want to use before getting started; trying to keep the text simple with short sentences; even aiming to produce a storyboard to get a broad idea of what graphics you want to include in the sequence. Bear in mind though, creating a kinetic video is not an easy endeavor, and making sure you have the viewers’ full attention from beginning to end can be quite a challenge. We know what type of energy your videos need to not only engage your viewers, but to keep them watching… check out some of our kinetic work… you’ll be hooked from minute one.

Creativa Kinetic Playlist

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