How to make an amazing Christmas Video for your clients!

October 2, 2014
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With only twelve weeks to go before Christmas 2014… Yes only twelve weeks… Not a typo… There is genuinely only twelve weeks to go… (So if like me you’ve recently been in a supermarket and thought fruit mince pies and puddings are in stock a bit early this year – they are potentially not as early as you first thought). It’s time we should all be thinking about… Presents.
Well presents AND how we can surprise, delight and engage our clients, customers and staff with an amazing and rewarding Christmas video that sums up how we feel about those who help us do what we do and keep us going year after year.
Everyone likes a good Christmas card. Even a good e-card but a Christmas video is even better as it can be tailored to your businesses personality and style and more importantly your particular audience and it can engage them and lead them to share your video via email and social media.
Like this parody of the video that Westpac sent to their customers a few years ago to explain why their rates increased.

If you are stumped on ideas on what a great Christmas Video should look like here are just a few we have produced over the years:

So if you’ve not planned a video yet, now is the time and if you need a little help, you know the team at Creativa are already in the festive spirit and ready to help!

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