How to make your presentations awesome

July 31, 2014
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Thank you technology. Clunky archaic presentation platforms like PowerPoint and Keynote have been superseded by user-friendly and viewer-friendly solutions. Where visually powerful content can be created, customised and analysed – and most importantly audiences engaged. Woo hoo.
For too long we’ve been at the mercy of limiting software. If you left the office and went into a meeting with your presentation on a data stick or laptop, then that was it. You couldn’t add new slides, access other files or answer curly questions with some up-to-date data. It was all back at the office, and with the audience yawning, you’d wish you were too.

Presentation do’s

1. Keep it visual
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s true for presentations. So use minimal words and more videos, images, infographics and animations. Research shows that photos perform better than links and text alone on Facebook, attracting 53% more ‘Likes’ and 84% more click-throughs. You’ve probably been sent a funny, cute or thought-provoking clip that’s engaged you enough to view it. A slab of words wouldn’t have had the same impact.
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2. Find a presentation partner
The USA is leading the push into smarter sales focused presentations, locally there are very few players specialising in this area. Visual Conversations  is an offering by Melbourne brand and marketing agency, Taylor & Grace, which has partnered with a best-of-breed US software company to give Australian businesses access to next gen presentations. They have creative pedigree too, so they can create content, advise on strategy and make the whole thing sing.
3. Start a conversation
Often the most fruitful meetings tend to go off-topic and that’s when the real conversations start. And new solutions encourage that type of communication. They allow intuitive free-flowing delivery from mind-maps to layered stacks so your pitch can be organic and targeted. Drag and drop individual slides in real-time and keep the other parties engaged, and talking.
4. Look at your analytics
Analytics are gold. Until recently, you’d have to look at the audience to gauge interest levels, and a quick glance up from a slide isn’t very reliable data. Technological advances in presentation software make it easier than ever to measure content performance. Now it’s possible to see who’s viewing the work, for how long, and what specific content is grabbing their attention. So you can tailor your message for measurable results.
5. Be prepared
Actually, that part’s easy. You can make the most of a chance meeting because new cloud-based solutions mean presentations are optimised for most of the modern devices we carry around. Laptops, mobiles and tablets can turn anywhere into a boardroom, and give you the freedom to author and edit on-the-go. So you don’t have to drag a suitcase of equipment to a meeting, update and share from one place, wherever you are.
6. Let your presentation speak for itself
New presentation platforms can also double as web conferencing / remote desktop software and can run presentations on one or many devices at a time. You don’t even have to be there. So efficiencies for presenters are huge, and for viewers and clients, it means they aren’t required to invest in licenses or download software to access the content. So less overhead costs for all parties.
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Presentation don’ts

1. Keep doing it the old fashioned way
Businesses are always looking for cost effective smarter ways of working, and for a long time presentations have been a forgotten tool. Transitioning to a new platform is an inexpensive way of increasing performance with measurable results.
2. Be a follower
Getting your business set up with new presentation solutions that everyone can author easily can give you an edge. User-friendly technology makes it an easy transition.
3. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a compelling presentation
Let’s face it, if your presentation is tired and boring, it’s hard for you to look good. A slick contemporary impactful presentation can give you the confidence to be your best and importantly, exceed your sales targets.
Marketing  Branding   Design Agency Melbourne   Taylor   GraceWritten by Taylor & Grace (, a leading business communications agency that delivers market-redefining offerings to achieve transformative client value. Visual Conversations ( is one such offering.

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