How to Nail Easy & Efficient Green Screen Keying

Here at Creativa, we are always trying to find ways of being more efficient. This allows us to concentrate and spend more time on the creative design of our client’s videos. Today we are sharing a quick tip on green screen keying.
Most compositors only apply the Keylight effect to the footage. This is a great tool, though  it‘s slow and cumbersome when it comes to previewing your work and when it’s time to render. By the time you add your background; foreground layers, focus, flares, colour grading and motion graphics, it feels like your churning through quicksand. So here’s the tip!
First, apply the colour key effect. This is very old tool, but is very quick! Duplicate this effect and select the background enough times until the green screen is almost completely gone. Note, this will look really rough and you will wonder why you are even reading this tip…
blog 9 img 1       blog 9 img 2
blog 9 img 3      blog 9 img 4
Secondly, apply the simple choker to the footage. Adjusting the size will increase the outline around your talent making them look like the hulk! In seriousness, this removes the layer of any garbage surrounding the talent cause by moment in shadows and lights, giving you a nice clean subject.
blog 9 img 5
And three, now add the Keylight effect to the green outline surrounding the talent. Now you have a clean edge and an efficient key.
blog 9 img 6
Make sure you check the alpha channel, and then you’re done! Now go and smash the animation, or watch this cool compositing reel for Wolf of Wall Street.

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