Need a pep talk? Listen to YouTube sensation Kid President.

If there is one YouTube sensation you need to know about, it’s Kid President. This 9 year old boy, otherwise known as Robby, has become a global inspiration for us to all see the world through the eyes of a child – full of positivity, compassion and love. What grew out of a fun idea created by Robby’s brother in law, has led to Kid President meeting and filming with the likes of Beyonce…and the actual President Barack Obama – how cool is that?!
‘The idea for Kid President came a few years ago. My wife and I had just launched a summer camp for kids who want to change the world. We were blown away by the ideas and the hearts of the students there. These students wanted nothing more than to leave the world better than they found it. After seeing their creativity and compassion I couldn’t help but think – wouldn’t it be cool if we listened to kids more? When we got home we filmed the very first Kid President video.’ Brad Montague, Founder of Kid President

I could go on about how these videos are awesome, funny and inspirational and why we love them so much – but I think I will let the videos talk for themselves. I guarantee, these will make you smile.

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