New Product Watch: Introducing Mirriad

November 11, 2014
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For this month’s new product watch I’d like to draw your attention to a new marketing tool being used by some of the world’s biggest brands place new ads in old content… Welcome to the world of retroactive product placement!
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Take a look at the above images from Far East Movement’s 2010 Music Video “Rocketeer”… On the left is how the music video looked when it first appeared in 2010… On the right you can see what the music video looks like on VeVo today with a new advertisement for Grand Marnier seamlessly integrated into the background…
Retroactive product placement enables brands to digitally insert new ads into old content.
It’s experiencing a big boom at the moment thanks to media-tech company Mirriad who have pioneered the technology and French advertising firm Havas who have been pushing their clients to place new ads in older music videos as a clever way of reaching the Millennial Generation who are largely adverse to traditional advertising methods.
Dominique Delport the global managing director for Havas said in a recent interview for rolling stone “We know that millennials have different behaviours: 35 percent of them don’t watch broadcast TV anymore and 90 percent of those who watch replay TV are skipping ads”. “We do think that quality video inventory is still an issue and only a small part of YouTube is advertiser-friendly. Creating engagement through brand presence within the content itself is incredibly relevant”.
Mirriad who have pioneered the technology component of Retroactive Product Placement began in 2008 and spent three years developing ways to enable the practice. It works by using new technology to scan large troves of video to find unique places where advertising could potentially fit. These spaces are then proof checked by someone who determines what kind of ad is appropriate to place in what kind of content.
The ads can be inserted, replaced and deleted almost instantaneously allowing the ads to have a finite lifespan making it easy to model in traditional advertising revenue structures. It also enables companies to localise the advertising so someone in America might see an advertisement for a relevant food chain like In and Out Burger and in Australia we might have an advertisement for Red Rooster.
It’s being hailed as a way to finally avoid having people skip advertisements by embedding them directly into the content. Whether it works that way in the long run is still to be discovered but either way it’s a great new opportunity to place your brand or product in front of more valuable eyeballs who are already engaged in the content.
See some more before and after examples below and find out more about how this exciting technology works at:
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If you have a video you’d like to retroactively re-fit by changing some logos, art work or products for new products why not contact Creativa today! We can offer a range of quality retrofitting solutions like the ones you’ve seen in this blog to meet your needs!

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