New Technology Being Used in Professional Video Production

August 5, 2014
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How do you know it’s time to hire a new professional video company? Maybe it’s when they show up with a video camera that still uses tapes. Perhaps it’s when they suggest hiring a helicopter to get an overhead shot. Maybe it’s when their finished product looks flat or the audio isn’t rich and full.
Technology today has advanced to the point where local production is reaching movie theatre quality. The best professional video companies keep up with technology and use it to improve their craft. Here is a look at how new technology continues to improve professional video production, and some of the latest advancements.

4K Cameras

Adventure Blackmagic 4K Raw from Ben Sandfoss on Vimeo.
4K cameras, such as those produced by RED and BlackMagic have been the rage in ultra-high definition filmmaking. This technology is now in the hands of video productions companies who are keeping up with the latest equipment. How crisp is the quality of a 4K camera? Well, the movies you see at your local cinema is likely filmed in 4096 x 2160 4K resolution. The BlackMagic 4K camera can film at an ever-so-slightly less 3840 X 2160 resolution. 4K cameras deliver almost lifelike images and the versatility to better control the elements of the shoot from the camera itself.


Drones are making a huge impact in professional video production. Scenes that once took lots of planning and  expensive cranes or helicopters to capture can now be captured much less expensively by using drones. Modern camera equipped drones can be controlled accurately to deliver dramatic and sometimes breathtaking shots, they can even be programmed to follow a path by GPS and bring back awesome footage from that trip. Drones can not only provide outstanding and affordable exterior shots, but they are used to create amazing interior shots where space allows. Drones can deliver overhead shots of a moving vehicle or a man walking his dog. Drones have opened up a whole new world of creative opportunities for professional video companies who have embraced the technology.

Custom Shape Projection Screens

The Cut Out Presenter – 01 from Creativa Videos on Vimeo.
This exciting new trend offers almost an unlimited new way for videos to be seen in public. Imagine a screen cut into the shape of a human. A video appears on the screen that fits the screen perfectly, filmed in such high definition that it appears a person is actually in the room, making a presentation. Screens like those offered by “The Cut Out Presenter” are potentially just the beginning. Imagine a screen cut out into the shape of an automobile, tyres rolling as it appears to be traveling down the roadway. Inside passengers are smiling and waving, or even explaining the features and benefits of the vehicle.


GoPros cameras have brought a new versatility to video production. GoPros capture points of view that were previously unwieldy or impossible to capture. Today’s GoPros are tiny, waterproof, portable, and offer an ever-improving quality of resolution. GoPros can capture what the road looks like from the fender of a motorcycle, or the point of view of diving off of a cliff into the water below. GoPros can show what it looks like being a goalie catching a ball kicked at 90 mph, or what it feels like riding in the front seat of a roller coaster. GoPros are taking us places and giving us views never before possible.

Key Take Aways

Technology has played a bigger and bigger role in video production since the digital era arrived. It is being used to not only shoot the video but to edit it into its final form. Now, it is allowing for new ways to create even more impressive video productions.
Professional video production companies who use the latest available technology certainly have an edge. They are likely to turn out a higher quality product, however terrific video production takes more than hardware. It takes experience, detailed planning, the proper team, and a keen eye.
When talking to a professional video company, you should not only ask them about the technology they have available, but what that technology can mean for you. To do this, they will need a good idea of what you want to accomplish with your finished project. Working with a professional video company takes a team effort. Experience and technology are important parts of the equation.

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