Non for Profit Campaign – On the Line: Mensline Top Blokes Talk

July 8, 2015
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Non for profit organisation On the Line came to us with a project that would promote their Mensline service. The idea was to create awareness around men’s mental health – a topic that traditionally, men have not been openly comfortable seeking help for. The objective was to produce content that was not only shareable but that would also encourage men to start the discussion with their colleagues, friends and families and to educate others on mental health.
The first video we produced was an overview of their services, highlighting a mixture of men from all different backgrounds and stages in their life, making it as relatable to the viewer as possible.

We followed the Introductory video with a series of interview style videos where counsellors and thought leaders shared their personal insights on issues surrounding men’s mental health.  To form a sense of trust and connection with the audience, the counsellors share common stories of men they have treated and their personal experiences and how they have been able to support others. Sharing relatable scenarios enables the viewer to feel optimistic, knowing other men just like them are experiencing the same struggles. And that there is support out there for them.
Non for profit campaigns can benefit greatly from video content by involving real people sharing real stories – not paid actors – to build a connection with the viewer. Take a look at some of the videos below from On The Line or check out the whole series on their YouTube channel here.


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