How Do You Deliver Online Training With Video as We Work From Home?

Creativa can help you make remote learning resources for those working from home.
Ewan Roxburgh
November 12, 2020
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Add online training to the list of conundrums brought on by 2020.

Remote work looks like it might be here to stay. No doubt, working from home has its perks, but also its complications. What to do with the office building? Is a virtual Christmas party really going to work? Where am I gonna get my 10 AM double shot iced caramel macchiato?

How we continue to deliver training as we work from home is another challenge. Of course, there’s inherent value in face-to-face learning. In a workshop, we can act out scenarios, ask questions in real-time and break into discussion groups. Adapting these practices for online training require nuanced digital solutions.

As we’ve come to discover, video calls and lengthy text exchanges sometimes don’t cut the mustard. Zoom fatigue has more than set in. Regardless, new hires and old dog learning some new tricks, still need training. We need new solutions. 

How can we deliver online training?

We’re all familiar with face-to-face learning and the value in it, but it’s impossible to replicate via Zoom. Replicating the relatable, human connection is difficult, making the training less tangible and effective.

What we hear from our clients and the learning designers we collaborate with is that a blended learning approach works very effectively. This may entail eLearning, video, interactivity, virtual reality or 360° video; content that facilitates decision-based learning and experiential training.

Of course, this requires both creative and technical capability, translating designed learning modules into a digital environment. So what might this content look like?

Explainer Videos

It’s hard to beat a good explainer video.

Both informative and engaging, an explainer video can boil down complex into a very digestible format. Explainer videos are an easy, accessible means of conveying information, processes and procedures.

Better yet, you can effectively distribute video quickly and widely — at scale — to a remote workforce, new employees, apprentices, partners and suppliers be they here or overseas. Your messages can be made crystal clear with video. And with border closed, travel restrictions and limited availability of flights, you don’t have to worry about anyone travelling anywhere!

Be they animated videos, screen capture or live-action roleplay, explainer videos are perfect for delivering a clear, concise and memorable lesson.

For those returning to the office, changes in regulation might mean there are new COVIDSafe protocols in place too. An explainer video is perfect for quick, effective means of updating staff on important information.

Interactive Video


Interactive video is ideal for training purposes. Interactive videos are basically a choose-your-own-adventure video with clickable buttons embedded directly into the player and branching story paths. They facilitate decision-based learning, inviting the participant to explore different situations and practise effective decision making. 

Interactive video invites participation, presenting various options on the screen that you can click on, that change the outcome of the story. One might be the right answer, the other the wrong, creating learning moments.

As a work from home training resource, they make a great addition to an online training course. You can learn more about interactive video on our dedicated page or see an example below.

Online Training Courses


For more detail — or a more extensive work from home training program — it might be worth constructing a whole online course, using a Learning Management System (LMS) or the like. 

Online courses could contain all sorts of content, including video, guiding a user step-by-step through a more formal training program. They can be very effective, allowing content to do the heavy lifting in creating memorable experiences for students and trainees.

Young people typically respond well to eLearning video content. Having grown up devouring YouTube tutorials, younger generations typically favour video as a training resource. Video-based training is strongly shown to support their development.

Here at Creativa, we can create content modules to be configured for you existing LMS should you have one, or work with you to set one up. Recently, we were awarded for the work we did with Court Services Victoria, creating interactive videos to be imported into their LMS and train new registrars working in family violence prevention and support.

Create your own Video Training Resources

With all that we’ve shown you we’re here to help you create video training resources to prepare for the work from home future. Be it screen capture, an explainer, interactive video or content for an online training course, we can help! We’re worked with clients around Australia doing just this. To see some examples of our work, check out our case studies.


Creativa is a video and animation studio in Melbourne, Australia that has worked produced work from home training and induction resources for client's Australia wide.

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