Oscar winning film shot on an iphone? I could do that

March 1, 2013
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After the much hyped Oscar win for Malik Bendjelloul and his documentary Searching for Sugar ManApple and Nexvio the Seattle based developers of the 8mm film camera app must be rubbing their hands together in glee. What this slightly tenuous connection must have done for sales of the $2 app we can only guess, but it does mean that quite a few people are starting to think about the potential of the device in their pockets.
After all, there is a lot that the IPhone can do apart from make phone calls. Did you know that the IPhone 4S can capture 1080p video and has a built in image stabiliser, pretty impressive right? Well before you rush off to shoot your shot for shot remake of the shot for shot remake of Psycho, you may want to grab some lights, a few extra batteries, an edit suite, a director or at the very least a Director of Photography and well, a bunch of other stuff, because while the IPhone is awesome for video on the go, it still can’t replace production experience.
What this will hopefully do however is excite and inspire a whole new era of film makers and videographers to play with the technology, experiment with lighting and composition, edit and grade the results and eventually deliver some interesting content. I look back at the equipment I used to make some of my admittedly terrible Tropfest submissions and with price tags in the high thousands of dollars for a Sony HVR DV cam and a Mac G5 to edit on; making movies (even bad ones) was a serious investment. That barrier to entry is gone, the demand for (good) content is huge and the only limit now is your creativity (and ability).
So plan your academy acceptance speeches, pull out your IPhones and hold them horizontally, press record and see what happens. Remember though, if you do need some help call Creativa.

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