Personalised video communication tools to keep your new members' loyal

August 25, 2015
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The fear of ‘did I make the right choice..?’ is always prevalent when consumers make important decisions and sign on the dreaded dotted lines. Providing your new customers with the reassurance that in fact they have made the best choice is essential to solidify and make a great first impression.
For health insurance companies, enticing and recruiting new members is only one part of being recognised as a leading healthcare brand. Ensuring that they remain members – and don’t start looking elsewhere – is just as important. People want to feel special, to feel connected and to not feel like another number. So how can you communicate that?
Well we are here to help. We understand that new memberships generally result in a lot of paperwork and information delivered to the new members’ letterbox. So what if, by using dynamic technology, you could produce an individual, fully personalised video to welcome each and every one of your new members and to visually show them the information they would normally receive in the post? This is not generic information; this is personally crafted to match the exact data for that member – now that’s one way to certainly impress new members!

To learn more about personalisation video technology and the other ways it can be used for your company, follow the hyperlink above or feel free to contact us anytime.

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